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Description of Yandex.Mail

The Yandex.Mail mobile app is a convenient mailbox in your phone and securely protected from spam and viruses.

All mailboxes in a single app. Check multiple mailboxes at the same time. You can add all your accounts from Yandex, Yandex.Mail 360 for Business, Mail.Ru, Gmail, Rambler, Outlook.com, and other email services. You can read your email on a single device, just switch between the profiles. Click "+" to the right of the avatar and add other mailboxes.

Personalize your mail. If you prefer to go through your mail in the evening, turn on the dark theme. It lowers screen contrast and is more comfortable on the eyes. You can also change sounds in the settings. Choose the one you like. Finally, you can swipe the screen to delete or archive your email. Customize it to your liking.

View email attachments at a glance. If a sender attaches a picture, you see its thumbnail next to the subject of the message in the Inbox. If your attachment is too large, it automatically uploads to Yandex.Disk and is made available in the email as a regular file or a link. You don't need to install anything to view this attachment.

Use Yandex.Mail offline. You can find your order number for a movie theater, insurance policy, address, or phone number even without an internet connection. Or, if you get disconnected in the metro, you can still continue reading and responding to your emails: all messages will be automatically sent when the internet is back to normal.

Protect yourself from attackers and spam. To keep your messages private, log in using a pin code. If someone unlocks your phone, they most likely won't be able to read your mail. You're also protected from spam by Yandex.Mail smart filtering algorithms, which you can help train by marking unwanted mail as spam.

Manage your emails on the go. Listen to your emails if you're busy and use suggestions to respond in just one touch, or just record your message. The Yandex.Mail mobile app understands a number of languages and can translate incoming email.

Yandex.Mail includes Yandex.Telemost and Yandex.Calendar. Get together online, hold a work teleconference, or meet with your family in Yandex.Telemost. If you schedule a meeting in Yandex.Calendar, all participants will get a notification email and a reminder so they don't miss it.

Get more features with a Yandex.Mail 360 subscription:

- Ad-free app

- Priority support

- Extra space in Yandex.Disk

- Unlimited space for videos from your phone

The amount is deducted from your Google Play account upon confirmation of purchase. The subscription is renewed automatically for the same period as the previous one. You can cancel it in the Google Play settings at any time after purchase. The Yandex.Mail 360 subscription cost depends on the country where you make the payment and may vary. If you decide not to buy a subscription, you can continue using the app for free.

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-10-27 Developer:Yandex Apps

User Reviews


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Hatsune Miku 2020-07-02

The app is quite good that it lets you manage multiple email accounts from various services. Plus point: Able to opt-out of the ads. Though if it would be nicer if the app doesn\'t download the avatars of my accounts very time I launch the app. Instead, it should cache the avatars and load them from there. In that case, the loading speed would be faster and save some data for the user.
Melissa Harris 2020-11-15

What is the problem here?!?! Literally EVERY time I try to send an email I get blocked from sending for another 24 hours due to my email being flagged as \"spam\". But here\'s the catch... I\'m sending 1 email to MYSELF as a test. And I have reached out to support multiple times with no response
PlayTrailers 2020-09-04

Love the Calendar has finally come to the app and allows you to create to-do lists. Though I was hoping for standalone applications for this, it is a nice addition and we\'ll have to make do with opening Mail to use the features for now. Will Yandex Calendar be available in standalone apps in the future? Or is this only an addition to Yandex Mail? I know we can use shortcuts but this essentially adds bloatware for those who only want an emailing app which is understandable.
Tigerex966 2020-10-23

This is a fishing scam for your phone number. I installed strictly because it did not require your personal phone number. The next day it would not allow me to login in and insisted I change my password, which was accepted as secure the day before. It asks a security question than you have to type in a special word from a picture. Then it insist you give them your phone number before it will let you change your password or get into your account. By the way yahoo mail and others let you skip
Gaurav Jain 2020-08-07

Great for small business email. But everything is not in english. Most important is when I click on link inside mail, the options of selection of opening apps are shown in russian language. And new menu just launched has been opening in Russian language as well. I believe not understood by most users outside Russia. Please take necessary steps to make all feature of this app in english for the sake of international users.
Carolyn Williams 2021-02-11

H developers ive been with you for a little bit and have been having same issues with this tool and you keep giving me all the mumbo jumbo same thing issue of with it being slow loading emails till not loading its same old same old ive emailed you about the same issues what, you don\'t know how to fix this trash Why don\'t you find someone that knows what to do i might be looking for batter you aren\'t telling me nothing that has fixed the issue gets worse
Cdt Nida 2019-05-08

I have been using Yandex mail since 8 years as my main mail. Much better than other mails Yandex mail App is really great. We can have 2 or more mail in one app. Creating folders, editing, emptying Spam or any folder is very easy with one click, etc. are great features. Easy registration. Once you start using Yandex mail you will love it. I love Yandex.
Michael Carannante 2019-12-23

Honestly, Yandex is my favorite email to use out of all the big ones; Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL. Yandex has such a smooth and clean interface and it\'s emailing application is amazing! Clean and does what it is supposed to do without any bugs! Also, I like the widget! Oh and the NSA can\'t monitor content on RUSSIAN servers!
pu tharo 2020-10-04

I singed up a month ago. It works fine. Then I login again, I was denied. I entered correct passsword, correct security answer, but then I was asked to enter my mobile number too. Worst! It doesnt recognise Indian mobile numbers and so the code they sent is not delivered on my mobile. Thank you Yandex, never use your service again!
Amine Badri 2020-06-08

I don\'t know how to say this but it\'s the worst experience ever, after downloading the app i tried to register for a new mail service yandex and tje only way to do that is by putting your phone... And the answer was \"send sms limit exceeded\". And by the way i tried to register from a browser but i get the same thing and when i try the other option without phone number, the capcha doesn\'t work at all....