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Description of Yasa Pets Tower

The Puppies are here !!! Visit the coolest building in the world and explore 7 floors of fun! Choose an apartment and meet the neighbours! Spend the day at the office then relax in the rooftop pool!

Yasa Pets Tower is totally FREE with NO in app purchases !!

Features include:

* ADORABLE PUPPIES !!! Meet the new Puppies that have joined Yasa Pets!!

* Visit a skyscraper full of fun! There are 7 floors to explore!

* Choose which apartment to stay in … there are 4 to choose from!!

* Have a meeting in the office and get promoted to boss!

* Drop off the kids at daycare!

* Get money at the bank or start a new job as a bank manager!

* Hang out with friends at the coffee shop … or take your coffee to go!!

* Pick up fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers in the park!

* Go shopping and try on all the new fashions!

* Have an amazing meal at the sushi bar … or try delicious Chinese dumplings!

* Celebrate Christmas at the office and exchange gifts!

* Unlock the ROOFTOP POOL by collecting STARS !!!!

* Then party on the roof with all your friends!

**** Remember to connect to the internet to collect the stars ****

ENTRANCE : Enter the lobby and find out all about the tower from the receptionist! Hang out in the coffee shop where they have delicious treats and coffees!

1ST FLOOR : The vegetable market has the freshest fruit and vegetables … drop into the bank if you need extra cash from the machine … while you’re there why not talk to the bank manager about opening a new account? Or take a job behind the counter … they’re hiring !!!

2nd FLOOR : Time to go to work !! Celebrate all the hard work with an office party!! Have lunch with other staff in the canteen !! Get promoted to boss and sit in the luxurious corner office !! At Christmas the whole floor is decorated to celebrate the holidays !!

3rd FLOOR : Go shopping for the most fashionable outfits !! Choose something smart for the office or elegant for a romantic dinner at the restaurant … there are stylish accessories like handbags and sunglasses!!

DAYCARE : Drop off the kids at daycare … they love playing with their friends and feeding the parrot ! After lunch they get tired and the teacher will put them to bed for a nap!

4th FLOOR : Time to decide between two amazing restaurants !!!! The Japanese restaurant has an incredible sushi bar and serves delicious bowls of noodle soup … while at the Chinese restaurant enjoy fantastic fried rice and yummy dumplings and even birthday cake !!

5th FLOOR APARTMENT 1 : This is a dream home for anyone who loves pink!! Enjoy soaking in the huge bathtub with a view over the city then play dress up with all the outfits in the huge closet. Hang out with friends in the unicorn room !!!

5th FLOOR APARTMENT 2 : A sporty person’s perfect home … this apartment is full of trophies and sports equipment. Hang out with friends in the unique football room then play video games!! There are lots of sports outfits to try on before going out!!

6th FLOOR APARTMENT 1 : This stylish and modern apartment is perfect for a young family to welcome a new baby. Enjoy amazing views of the city from the terrace after a hard day in the office.

6th FLOOR APARTMENT 2 : A luxury home with a classic style … enjoy having milk and cookies by the fireplace or have friends over for dinner. The baby sleeps soundly next to it’s parents bed in this beautiful family home.

7th FLOOR : Visit the exclusive members club filled with celebrities on the roof !!! After being photographed on arrival change into a bathing suit and hang out by the pool with friends !! Then go to a party with a DJ and dance the night away!


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More Information Of Yasa Pets Tower

lable: Educational - Games Current Version:1.0 Publish Date:2021-08-08 Developer:Yasa Ltd

User Reviews


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Haniya Karimi 2020-09-24

It is amazing! Ignore the bad reviews about too many ads, I like the ad system! But maybe the best thing is the party and swimming pool you get by collecting stars! Also, I have a suggestion: can you make a bit more houses? It would be great! Just 2 more houses would make a big difference. Thanks for making this awesome game, Yasa Ltd! 😊💕
smaranika das 2020-10-20

This game is very very awesome and all the characters are free but I have one problen the sushi in the sushi restaurant were in the class so I could not take out them from the glass same I could not take out the clothes, bags and hats from the glass so please fix this problem or else I will sure give this game 5 stars
•DreamyDonut UwU• 2020-04-06

This game is awesome please make more games like this! I love all your games!!!. They are amazing!♡ please make more!! And add more characters!! Please make all games in one app that would be awesome. I have some ideas like Yasa pets amusement park or Yasa pets zoo or Yasa pets beach or Yasa pets home and more and don\'t forget the games should be free I love all the games! Bye
Leonie De Villiers 2020-06-22

Awesome game if you have it you got to go to the fourth floor and check out the closets you can watch an ad to get new dresseswhen you go to the bathroom there\'s also one if you try extra hard to get a band for a broken the first floor there is a baby carriage if you press on watch an ad you\'ll get a new baby
Selina Berko 2020-09-25

This game is amazing because you get to do whatever you want and the Stars whenever you got to start you can literally get a pool and then a prom like the grown-ups so it\'s amazing so I\'m going to give it five but if they have 20 I would have given 20 because it\'s amazing so I\'ll give it a try because this game is amazing it\'s so cool like I can play all day like sometimes all the games that I like download I like download it off again because it\'s so boring at this game it\'s so amazing
Erly Hutapea 2019-07-09

I like how big the tower is it\'s so cool and I love that you guys made dogs now and I\'m requesting for a game and if you guys already listen to it I\'m just saying it again please make a yassa Pet City so it\'s like you combine all your games and make new parts of it to and the more we earn Stars the more we are in places and characters hope you guys liked my idea and I love this game I love all of your games and feel free 2 make my game request .and can you make baby dogs to it will be great bye
i\'m a potato 2019-07-06

I love all ur games but mostly this one and i love how u make so many of these games and make them free for everyone to play!! Some apps like toca life world costs a few hundreds to get the full version!! So thanks for making these games!! Also i recommend a game just like toca life world where u can conect all of ur Yasa pets apps to one single game so u can roleplay even further!!!! And also some of ur games when u get 5 stars u go to a party but if u want to bring stuff back just a little tip.
Ali Morina 2019-10-05

I like it\'s so nice ! I love the fact that you keep on making new games! Though i think you could fix the clothes... And too many ads!!!!Why dont you make more things possible in the game ? Despite the complaints i love the game! Keep on the good work!!!!!
Priyanka yadav 2020-03-24

I like this game but the problem is that when I do not want to play the swimming pool and i have cut that part so every thing that was unlocked by stars like fruit , flower and shopping center again locked plese work on it i have saw 20 seconds ad and wasted my data so have a look at it .
Neeru Garg 2020-05-12

I really like to play this game very much but the problem is that we have to watch ads everyday. And sometimes there are no ads also. Please set this problem. If you will set this problem I will give five stars