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Description of Yasa Pets Town

So much to do!! Drop the kids off at school then go shopping! Pick a job in the hospital, or maybe the salon? Celebrate a birthday in the pizzeria! Visit friends next door … it’s almost Christmas !!

Yasa Pets Town is totally FREE with NO in app purchases !!

Features include:

* Move in to your new house and explore your new town!!

* Meet the neighbors and exchange gifts!

* Buy bags of food for dinner in the local supermarket !!

* Pack your backpack and make new friends at your local school!!

* Jump in the car to get around town easily !!

* The local hospital is where babies are born !!

* Go to see a doctor if you start to feel unwell !!

* Go shopping with friends for the latest fashionable outfits!

* Meet up with friends to celebrate a birthday in the pizzeria !!

* Moms and daughters love going to the salon together for new hairstyles !!

* Celebrate Christmas with presents for family and friends !!

* Go for a family day out in the park and don't forget to take a picnic!!

**** Remember to connect to the internet to collect the stars ****

PICK A HOME : Choose between two beautiful new homes … either a traditional or a modern style house! Then visit the new neighbors who move in next door … don’t forget to take a present, Christmas is just around the corner !!

SCHOOL : It’s time to start a new school and make lots of new friends! Show everyone your cool new backpack and help your friends pick one too. There are lots of designs to choose from for everyone. And don’t forget to feed the class pets.

SUPERMARKET : The local food store has everything you need for a party with friends and neighbors! Stock up on ice-creams and candy … there are plenty of tasty treats for everyone to enjoy!

HOSPITAL : Work as a doctor in the local hospital or go to visit a friend who is a patient. The nurse will look after anyone who is feeling unwell !! This is where baby bunnies, kittens and puppies are born !!

PIZZERIA : Celebrate your birthday party at the local Italian restaurant! Get together with friends and family, pick a balloon and open lots of birthday presents. And there’s pizza and cake for everyone !!

SALON : Get a new hairstyle or have your nails done at the beauty salon! This is a great place to relax with friends after dropping the kids off at school !!

FASHION SHOP : Try on all the latest outfits at the trendy fashion boutique! There are party dresses and smart clothes for the boys too!!

PARK : Collect all the stars to visit the park on a sunny day !! Parents enjoy a picnic while the kids play on the bouncy castle and everyone enjoys the ice cream to cool off !!


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lable: Educational - Games Current Version:2.0 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Yasa Ltd

User Reviews


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A Google user 2020-07-18

This game is super duper fun but, i had a little suggestion for it . What about you add some more house cause, where the other characters should go? I dont care how many house it is but just make an enough hous for all the pets and you should make a bedding store coz maybe the chidrens wanna make a slumber party at their house and i hope there is an airport , plane and an hotel. THANKS!👩‍🦰😊
Rayne Moncrieffe 2020-11-27

This game is really good I love it it doesn\'t need anything to change except for clothes lots more clothes I think we only get a little bit of clothes and I just need some more but otherwise it\'s a great game.😻😻😻
T nicole 2020-08-16

Love all the games but when will there be more??? and also can we have more scenes, houses, outfits etc. And can you add an \'save game\' feature?!! Can the babies grow up? More detailed storylines? *detail in general not too much* better sound effects. Could you also fix this issue: when a character holds an item for too long and you tale it out of their hand, it gets stuck and it can no longer hold items! , less stars, bags and baskets can hold more items, items be interact with and can reused
Annisa Ginting 2020-11-22

COOL! You gave many places here, You did not ask for any money to get those places. Don\'t listen to the people that say too much adds it is better than paying with real money. Thank you ^w^
capt thor 2020-09-02

I love the game but there was one problem that i don\'t get stars i want to get stars but I can not get but the game is best and there is one more problem that if we take up the food and bunnies , kittens , dogs want to eat food than when we take up the food in our hand than they hands stucks them self so that is a biggest problem in this game and i think that you will fix this problem and otherwise this game is best!
Lorilie Jensen 2020-07-09

DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.it is soooooooooooo fun just like all the other yasa pet games!!I just wish that the baby\'s were able to change clothes out of the blanket,so basically more of a yasa pet less of an items .but other than that its a great game( and if you update it so the baby can change clothes and more a yasa pet,plz make it like that for all the games)and i think a beach would be cool.
Angela Mackey 2020-07-01

I think this game is fun because you every time you when you get stars all of the stars at first I was getting off mad but when but when I scrolled a whole different neighborhood showed up and it gets the hospital just in case if they get sick if they drink that potion and you get to go to a restaurant and have a birthday party if you want and school and stuff and I\'m not going to tell y\'all the rest y\'all can play it yourself the sea cuz I\'m not telling you the rest y\'all can just play
Banu Siraj 2020-08-02

I realy loooove the game but I wish that the baby can grow up and there is also one please add some fun things like a playground , a fair , a slumber party place and please add a airport and some place to go like Canada , Italy like some places but the game is super awseme I realy loved it and also make everything free please then only we can have fun
Anna Seaman 2020-06-30

I love this game I just wish you made more games and I downloaded all the games from this app and I love it so much it\'s so much fun to play all you have to do is click on stuff to get stuff for ads and I really like this game it is so awesome and I would definitely give you guys a five star review.
Aishani Basu 2020-10-30

Trust me this game is soooo adorable i love the design and all but most things are lockeddd....i cant use it...even doe im connected to a good wifi still i cant see any stars😭😭😭😭im so sad i love this game so much but...