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Description of YNAB (You Need A Budget)

Your money doesn’t have to be messy. Get a handle on your personal finances by budgeting with YNAB—a proven method and budgeting app that gives you real results. On average, new budgeters save $600 in their first two months and more than $6,000 their first year.

Pay off more debt, grow your savings, and reach your goals faster. See a complete view of your personal finances. Gain total control of your money with YNAB. Try it free for 34 days.


Bank Sync

Securely link your accounts and see your complete financial picture in one place.

Real-Time Expense Tracking

View changes to your budget in real time across devices, making it simple to share finances with a partner.

Loan Calculator

Find more money and motivation for your debt payoff with our loan planner tool. We’ll calculate the interest and time saved for every extra dollar put toward debt.

Goal Tracking

Turn your financial goals into reality with our powerful goal-setting features. Create categories for your financial goals and big purchases, and see your growing progress at a glance.

Spending & Net Worth Reports

Visualize your spending and progress with budget reports. See your average grocery spending (down to the cent) and your growing net worth in full technicolor glory.

No Ads

We don’t (and won’t) sell your data. We don’t pitch you recommended products in-app. When you open your budget app, it’s just that—your budget.

Award-Winning Customer Support

Ask our extremely friendly, incredibly helpful support team your budgeting questions anytime via email or live chat.

Feel Better About Your Money

Tired of timing bills to pay day? Frustrated that you make OK money, but have nothing to show for it?

The YNAB budgeting app and its simple four-rule method will help you demolish your debt, save piles of cash, spend without guilt, and reach your financial goals faster.

Free for 34 Days

Monthly or Annual Subscriptions Available.

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User Reviews


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Δ Σ Τ 2019-05-16

YNAB has completely changed my life. After trying many (Dave Ramsey, Mint, etc.) it\'s the only system that\'s helped me understand what budgeting really is. I\'m now able to put more money in my savings and have complete control over every single penny (literally) I earn. It\'s freedom I\'ve never experienced. I honestly cannot recommend YNAB enough.
Michael Ohlinger 2019-06-26

If used correctly, YNAB does something that most other budget and money-managing applications don\'t --- it forces you to always look ahead, assigning every dollar that you have today to tomorrow\'s goal. And, it starts to shape your spending habits pretty quickly. We\'ve been using the program for about six months now and the lack of stress and financial surety, of knowing exactly where our money is going towards at all times, has been such a relief. It\'s been well worth the money and has definitely help trim our monthly spending substantially. For newcomers, the price point can seem a little daunting --- it was for us at first and was one of the bigger reasons we were a little reluctant to take the dive. But, once you\'re in the swing of things, the seven bucks a month barely factors in. It\'s a solid investment.
Sarah Wicks 2020-12-13

My biggest complaint is that they allow negative accounts 30/31 days of the month, then decide that they won\'t allow it the first of every month and move everything around. I\'ve emailed multiple times and got the \"maybe we\'re not the system for you then\" response. My biggest issue is if that\'s such pillar of their system, why is it only enforced arbitrarily on the first of the month? Anyone who regularly gets reimbursed through work needs to let accounts stay negative, it\'s so frustrating.
Danielle Vanica 2019-12-13

I started out on the desktop app several years ago. For me, this was a new way of thinking about budgeting, so the features were a little weird to get used to at first. The blog posts and videos were really helpful and they improve/create features over time. Any tech issues I\'ve had were addressed on their website before I\'ve ever had to contact customer service. Overall, YNAB has helped me curb unnecessary spending and eliminate a lot of debt. To me, that makes the learning curve worth it.
Owen Funkhouser 2019-04-04

This used to be a pretty awesome app but after the turn of the year, the connections to my bank have been unreliable. Instead of taking ownership of the problem, technical support blames their Direct Import Partner. They are the ones paying the partner for a service and should be the ones to find a new partner when the current one fails to deliver. Technical support says the app is great without autoimport feature from the bank. I disagree. This is clearly bait and switch (fraud).
Luke Amian 2020-12-30

Best budgeting tool. I\'ve tried Mint and Personal Capital and this is hands down the best. The difference seems to be the philosophy that they promote (4 rules). It\'s more than a tool such that it changes the way you look at your money. Using the app coaches you to think through their four rules which changes your habits. Well worth the money!
Samantha Leviosa 2019-10-09

Don\'t understand why something that\'s been around so long doesn\'t have more intuitive features. Fix your UX problems and you won\'t need to bombard people with so many training resources. Had huge issues when dealing with credit card budgets and payments. Won\'t be paying $80 for something that has so many glaring issues. The time I spend fixing things I might as well just do it manually for free.
Jeff Jones 2020-12-19

This not only an amazing app but it is backed up by an amazing company. The app does have an bit of a learning curve. However, it is certainly worth learning. Plus the educational tools provided are first rate. Customer service is so great that it is nothing like I have encountered before. They are very helpful and kind. Email responses are fast. They also provide customers with customized videos and one on one help. You really need to try this app out.
Adam Collins 2021-01-08

Its okay, but needs some serious updating. 1. Pending transactions are coming in now. Great! Except, you can\'t remove them or edit them or match them if you follow the four rules and enter the amount before (including tip). This throws off the available balance. 2. Unbelievably, there is still no way to reconcile in mobile app. This was promised a long time ago and is not on the road map. It seems all focus is to bring features in iOS now. This alone may force me to look at other solution
Aaron Forsythe 2020-09-03

If it worked, it would be great... Unfortunately, there\'s just too many issues between large banks and the service YNAB uses to get your transactions. This means the automatic download of transactions (the only reason to use the app instead of a spreadsheet) doesn\'t work. They either need to get a new middleman, or the middleman needs to get things working with the banks. (Issues with Capital One, Navy Federal Credit Union, 1st Financial Credit Union, and many others).