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Description of Yodha My Astrology Horoscope

With the Yodha astrology and horoscope app you will get a personal astrologer and all-in-one the world of astrology can offer for you:

• Accurate predictions. Answers to your biggest questions will be based on your birth chart readings once your date and place of birth are set.

• Motivational insights. Astrology is a key to your personality. Revealing new will boost your mindfulness and progress in love life, family, friendship, career, and wellness.

• Complimentary horoscopes. You will stay on track with horoscope updates. It’s necessary since celestial objects and their transits affect all aspects of life.

• Authentic experts. A team of over 200 Vedic astrologers is at your service. They are genuine professionals known to combine simple, honest living with high thinking.

• Thoughts of the day. A line or even a word can awaken and deepen your day with extra meaning and positivity. A daily dose of inspiration is guaranteed.

• 100% confidential. Your privacy is our priority. The app is secure and can be used anonymously.

Wondering what kind of questions you may ask?

Well, there are almost no limits! Love, marriage, relationship advice, work, money, business opportunities are to name a few.

Here are some imaginary samples to inspire you with ideas:

- Will I meet the true love of my life in 2022?

- Is there anyone loving me secretly?

- Is it too late for me to change my career path?

- It’s trendy to be a vegetarian. Should I become?

- What does the near future hold for me?

- Why did we break up last year? What was our compatibility score?

Want more examples? Check them out in the app!

If you don’t have a specific question at the moment feel free to ask for your monthly or yearly horoscope. Or simply enjoy daily thoughts and even earn free credits for that.

Why are predictions accurate?

Vedic astrologers make readings based on a deep analysis of birth charts, zodiac signs, relevant surroundings, and personal factors. It lets them predict the future in the most accurate way. The daily guidance of a personal astrologer can be indispensable on the road to your happiness and prosperity.

A wish for insights is what gets you started. The Yodha app is what keeps you going.

Yodha Team.

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More Information Of Yodha My Astrology Horoscope

lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:7.2.2 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Yodha

User Reviews


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Joydeep Ghosh 2020-07-15

Was a Good App earlier. But now they change their versions frequently and predictions for the same person on the same issue becomes totally different in couples of days. Customer care does not entertain queries properly and so u need to ask another paid question and the answer would be different from the earlier one putting one confused. I was following this for years, but now it is not worth.
OLAWALE ALABI 2020-08-01

This is a top notch app. The professionalism of those behind the app is second to none. The readings are so sincere and real. They don\'t patronize you with sweet talk or what you need to hear. They tell you the way it is. I\'ve tried paying for the premium but the payment via play store is not allowed in my country. I wish there is other way I could subscribe to the premium package. Thanks a lot for the reading
marissa kaylynn 2020-11-12

The one free answer you get in the beginning is all I could do, given my situation.. But each question moving forward is under $5 and that\'s pretty affordable for anyone! Their team made sure to fully understand the details of the question, our birth charts, and the accuracy of the answer gave hope for me to do the hard thing I\'m doing for my family. Really glad to have found this app, these are real talented people.
G#7 Zenayah Shermaine Cordova 2020-11-16

The answers are really accurate. I\'m not exaggerating but try this and you\'ll be surprise with the answer too. Before directing to answer my question, they quite describe my personality first which they got right and is a great evidence that what they\'re predicting are reliable. I am totally satisfied with the app and I can\'t wait to have the chance to ask again.
diksha banka 2020-07-16

I have been amazed at how Yodha blends ancient wisdom with the right timing. My experience has been great with some of the astrologers I chose for my queries. Better than most other apps available out there. Overall, love it and recommend it. I would like to add- Charges have risen significantly; the letter count for the questions should also be increased!
StudioKarleen B 2020-08-10

It\'s been 6 months and I\'m still using this amazing app! I can ask deep life questions and have been given accurate in depth answers that have changed my life for the better. I reccomend to also look at the template answers too as you will find ones you can definitely relate too. Thank you Yodha!
Surleen Kaur 2020-05-01

It is a wonderful app. I don\'t know whether the predictions will be realised in the future, but they seem very fair and likely to be fulfilled. The disciples and astrologers seriously take into account the query, fully understand all the aspects involved and then give a proper and befitting response. I am pretty much satisfied with the answer I received.
Kushil Kaur 2020-05-12

Highly recommended app!! Very accurate and prompt! But I\'m very confused. The subscription doesn\'t include a certain limit of questions , but only a choice of an astrologer and yet pay per question again. Find this very expensive. I think monthly subscription shld include some limit of questions as I\'m paying monthly. But I have unsubcribed it cos it only allows a choice of an astrologer. Wish you could offer more for the same price. Otherwise good predictions
Rishika Parmani 2020-04-21

This was an exceptional experience. I asked a question I\'d been dying to know about for the past three weeks, and now I know enough as to not go crazy overthinking about it. The astrologers are seem well experienced, well read, and quite knowledgeable about the world we see and beyond. Thanks a lot! Here\'s a problem: I paid for the one month subscription, but I\'m not able to ask questions. The app is asking me for a payment of Rs. 295 everytime I try to ask a question. Please help with that!
Prashanta Ghosh 2020-12-12

Superb experience i had. I have been using this app since 4 years and i am delighted to declare that the answers and predictions are accurate. I recommeded this app to friends and family of mine. We receive proper guidance in tough times. One request is to increase the character to 1000 at least so that it is possible to place the question and other related queries at once. Regards