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Description of Yoga Anytime - Yoga & Meditation Classes

Our 145+ yoga shows feature over 2,900 yoga videos guided by 110+ yoga experts to help you move, heal, connect, begin, and/or teach yoga. With filters for any style, duration, level, or special need, you can fully customize your yoga journey. We add new classes every week, so you will always have fresh new videos to try.

For yoga teachers, we have a special collection of shows such as Bhagavad Gita Courses and Integral Anatomy to support your journey as a teacher.

The Yoga Anytime Android app provides an easy way to stream our yoga and meditation videos. Our app also allows you to download videos for offline viewing on your Android device.

You will not be charged during your free trial. After your free trial, you will automatically be billed $17.99 USD per month (price varies by currency).

If you pay for your subscription via Google Play (you sign up from our Android app), you can cancel your subscription at play.google.com anytime. Click "My subscriptions," "Manage," and then "Cancel Subscription."

Whether you seek to play into the subtlest realms of being or fine-tune your handstands, we welcome you to our community. Try one of our new yoga challenges to get started!

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.0.0 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Yoga Anytime

User Reviews


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Jen Tseeng 2020-08-09

The app is very poorly designed and user interface is non-intuitive. Examples: - When downloading a class, users are required to stay on the class page or the download will be cancelled. Very annoying. - No favoriting of instructors to facilitate finding their classes. (Only favoriting of classes is supported.) - No saved searches so must repeat the filtering on each new app session - Too many steps to get to the filters screen. To get to the filter screen: welcome page --> open hamburger menu --> click on videos --> click on filters floating action button. Getting to the filters screen should not take this many steps. I suspect that the company focuses on web first and the mobile app is an afterthought.
Andrea Victoria C 2019-12-20

Yoga anytime has the best yoga content, including talks about spirituality and what it means to live and embrace the present moment, as well as a variety of yoga exercises and poses for all levels and all people.
Sammy Williams 2020-01-08

Need Chromecast!
amber purcell 2020-01-24

Yoga anywhere anytime. It\'s like yoga TV and all your favorite shows are on at any time because it\'s actually a dvr. 😉. This isn\'t just bendy people telling you how to maybe also be bendy. There are lectures, interviews, music, meditation, basically anything you could ever want. Unroll your mat and log in because class is about to begin.
Paula Campos 2020-08-16

I love Yoga Anytime, so much so that I have just converted my monthly subscription to a yearly one. It is a shame that the app is not usefull for me and doesn\'t compare to the website. To start with there is no search engine, which makes it very inconvenient, and no landing page with the live events. No access to my playlist or to schedule classes. I watch my classes on the TV and through the app there is no way of sharing them. All in all, in my modest opinion is a waste of a resource.
Alison Battye 2020-04-19

Yoga Anytime has transformed my yoga practice. I had always struggled to establish a daily practice. I would run out of ideas for sequencing or only practice my favourite postures. The range of classes is incredible. I choose styles of practice to suit my mood and energy. Since downloading this app a year ago I haven\'t missed a day of practice. This has had wider impacts in that I have since started a daily meditation practice. All this is helping me negotiate our current lockdown.
Omneya Osama 2020-07-10

The app is good but needs improvement. The website has many more options like taking notes, 10-second rewind, the option to follow shows, and other features that are not available on this app. I really wish you would add these features as I prefer to use the app on my phone than open the website.
HIAH SEWING 2020-02-27

New to yoga. Loving the simplicity and choice this app gives you. Enjoying the journey. Definately worth purchasing the full version.
Fernanda Dórea 2020-04-30

Tried several yoga plans and this is the absolute best. I LOVE yoga anytime, but this app needs a lot of improvement. I was so happy they finally made an android app, but I miss being offered the next episode on a show I\'m watching, rather than going on the show, remembering which season I stopped on, and browsing the list for the last watched episode. Please add an \"up next\". I also wish I could search shows by their names. And the player needs a \"back 10 sec\" button, please!
Kristin 2020-04-12

Impossible to cancel. There is no payment option on my account, as indicated on subscription cancellation terms. Have been trying to cancel subscription for months. $18/ is twice as high per month as Wanderlust, Gaia, Asana Rebel...all yoga apps with diverse teacher options and meditation classes. This app offers fewer teacher selections than most yoga apps and navigation is ridiculous--no search option. Extremely limited. Classes very beginner level. Option to cancel please! $18/mo!