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Description of Yoga Poses

Get Fit, Flexible, Strong, Lose Weight with best in class yoga app by creators of the Fitify App.

6 Difficulty Levels

All the training sessions offer 6 experience levels - no matter if you are a beginner or advanced.


‣ Quick and effective workouts built by professionals

‣ 6 difficulty levels, suitable for everyone, men, women, beginner, and pro

‣ perfect for working out at home

‣ HD videos of real trainers (no animations)

‣ Keep track of finished workouts and progress

‣ Burned calories tracking

‣ Customized workout reminders so you never cheat on your routine

‣ over 100 exercises

‣ Sync data with Google Fit

‣ Requires no equipment

‣ Share with your friends on social networks

‣ Works 100% offline

More than 40 yoga classes

Keep Healthy

Office Yoga

Yoga After Sitting

Detox Yoga

Yoga Essentials

Flexibility Essentials

Strength Essentials

Balance Essentials

Supine Yoga Essentials

Body Focus

Chest Opener

Hip Opener

Upper Back & Neck



Healthy Spine

Healthy Back

Neck & Shoulders

Upper Back

Lower Back

Yoga For Flexibility

Full Body Flexibility

Lower Body Flexibility

Upper Body Flexibility

Supine Stretching

Yoga For Women

Period Pain Relief

Prenatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga

Tone Up

Yoga for Strength

Core Strength

Strong & Flexible

Balance & Strength

Weight Loss

Calorie Burner

Burn Fat & Tone Butt

Burn Fat & Tone Abs

Time Of Day

Morning Yoga

Productive Day

Yoga for Sleep

Yoga For Better Mood

Happiness Boost

Energy Booster

Deep Relaxation

Yoga For Sports

Runners – Improve Performance

After Run Stretching

Yoga for Cyclists

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More Information Of Yoga Poses

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.0.5 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:Fitify Workouts s.r.o.

User Reviews


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Anniey Mwangi 2020-08-18

Two weeks in and I am loving every little bit of the app.
Meep Meep 2020-10-09

Some other apps claime to be free turn out to only have a free trial before subscription. This one doesn\'t. The workouts behind the subscription are clearly labelled, but there are a selection which are free. The subscription is very reasonable too. You get a week long trial with the yearly subscription, but this is under £25/year. Monthly is also available. You can also preview the workout and watch clip / description in the preview before starting the workout. You can choosr your level too! 😀
Martin Lank 2020-08-10

This is by far the best Yoga app I\'ve used. Lot of content, nice and clean design. There are great poses for morning Yoga, that\'s what I was missing elsewhere. Also I like classes for muscle recovery after training.
Celeste Caldera Escobar 2021-01-16

Easy to use but at the end of the session it doesnt count the calories. It said \"0 calories\" for me that\'s the only issue. 😊 Hi, i have tried 3 classes ( flexibility essential, full body flexibity and yoga for strenght) and always says 0 calories. Even in weekly progress it reads 0 calories
Brittany Rooney 2020-11-10

Good workout... wish they would talk you through the poses. It\'s hard to look at your phone when you\'re all twisty.
Narendra Patwardhan 2020-09-06

Just downlowed and trying for one month.Usuing fitify exercise app for 2 years.
Fingerprint71 2021-01-28

I love this..especially the music integration and it caters to all levels. I would like to increase the changeover intervals though as my injury means it takes longer to switch poses...is this even possible? If not, can you please make it so?:-)
Arkithesuperhero 2020-10-11

I think it is the best free yoga apps where you can customize your exercise time woth nice and beautiful preview. The only drawback it doesn\'t feature intrumental mediation music inside the apps
Niki Thakur 2020-10-06

it\'s really helpful one and also you can decide the time and level of difficulty which I feel is really meaningful ❤
Izabelaa 2020-11-21

App that can guide you when you already know some Basics. little guidance but wirus well with your own music.