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Description of Yoga+ By Mary

Need more yoga in your life? You’re in the right place!

It doesn’t matter if you have never stepped on a yoga mat before or if you are an experienced yogi. These classes provide clear instruction and modifications to meet you exactly where you are. No prior experience necessary!

App Features Include:

-Multi-day courses

-Full length Yoga Classes for Any Level

-Daily Positive Vibes

-User Profile to Track Your Yoga Journey

-Daily Yoga Reminder Settings

-Download for offline access

Join us in the Yoga+ App to find the perfect yoga class that fits into your daily routine.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.7 Publish Date:2022-02-22 Developer:Breakthrough Apps Inc

User Reviews


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Diliana Grozeva 2020-05-14

I love this app so much! In our current environment, I had to look online for my yoga fix. I had this app downloaded for a few months but never really tried it until she offered her April challenge free and I\'m so glad I did! Mary is a great teacher and I love how she is able to create a safe space for yoga. Even when yoga places inevitably open back up, I am excited to continue practicing with Mary every day I am not in a physical class.
Laurie Matheny 2020-07-20

Best yoga app! Mary does a great job teaching yoga flows and makiing you feel good whole doing it.
Taylor Amado 2019-08-28

Lost my subscription on my tablet. I pay for the app on my phone but with this new update I still have a login but it\'s not registering that I pay monthly for the app. I don\'t want to pay multiple subscriptions on my two devices. It should just be connected. I love her yoga but this new update kinda sucked
Caitlin Struss 2019-09-13

Most beginner yoga instructors forget how intimidating some of the poses can be. Mary is relaxed and slower paced. She really explains the moves and modifications so that you get the most out of your workout without hurting yourself. I got the year subscription and I think it\'s definitely worth it. I also follow her on Instagram. Its great to get either a quick workout or a full workout and still feel stretched and accomplished in your excercise but not exhausted.
Emma Snedker 2020-04-18

The best yoga app by far. I have tried many but this app is very easy to navigate, reasonably priced and has great content to keep you active daily from stretches to meditation to balance. Mary is a great teacher and I have been able to move into poses that I previously couldn\'t in a class. Just one bit of feedback, it would be great to be able to chrome cast the videos to my tv for ease of viewing.
Norhan Muhab Sabboula 2020-08-30

Very useful and organised.
It\'s Your Girl Z 2020-09-07

Well...for starters, this app is great. Although the payment is too expensive. I just wish you could lessen it more, because not all people can afford. Better much make it free, so that people can still enjoy more yoga workouts everyday without limit. I really love Mary Ochsner because she is such an amazing instructor. So for this app to be more amazing than it already is, please fix this problem first. ❤️
Martin Kováč 2020-02-04

Mary is such a lovely person! All the videos are done so well the exercises are thoughtfully explained so everyone can join and start from scratch :) Everything is straight forward you can even check your progress how well you do! Already recommended to a bunch of friends they all love it !
Steven Young 2020-05-08

Really enjoy this app. The free content is very worth while and Mary\'s instruction is clear and enjoyable.
Hailey Binks 2021-01-14

This app is incredible. I\'ve followed Mary for a while and couldn\'t miss an opportunity to do the 31 day challenge. Her lessons are thorough and very clear, she goes at a steady pace and offers many variations for all levels. I\'ve recommended to lots of friends already and would absolve suggest to anyone looking to start their practice. Thanks Mary!!