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Description of Yoga Download | Yoga Class App

This yoga & fitness app is your opportunity to gain flexibility, reduce stress, feel calm, relieve back pain, get better sleep, lose weight, increase muscle tone, and achieve all your fitness goals!

Plus, with the YogaDownload App you can throw away the script, think outside the yoga studio, and build the yoga practice that works for you!

Discover new teachers and styles and practice your way with an ever-growing library of 2,400+ yoga, meditation, fitness, Pilates and barre classes, PLUS over 80 curated programs, from internationally acclaimed yoga teachers.

With our yoga guides for yoga poses - your yoga practice could change your life! Not only will you become healthier and stronger physically, you will also rewire your brain to become more calm, more centered + less reactive. Also, find greater peace and better sleep!

Our YogaDownload yoga + fitness app provides the most affordable and convenient way to access the healing benefits of yoga classes and develop a consistent practice.

YogaDownload offers yoga and fitness classes for every body, ability, time & place, since 2006. It's time to personalize your practice with daily yoga videos!


"Life changing! I’m so grateful for this app, I have learned to enjoy taking time myself again. I feel fitter, more relaxed and grounded." ~ Indra D.

"I am a lifetime subscriber… I tried this app on a whim and now I will never be without it. The programs are amazing. The instructors are amazing." ~ Melissa B.

This yoga studio mind body app allows you to use your existing account, or create a new one. New users will get a 5-day free trial before having to register. Once you register, you will get an additional 15-day free trial. Once your trial ends you will have access to certain always-free classes only, or can purchase a membership to continue with full access.

Why our yoga classes & yoga poses app:


- Access your existing YogaDownload account including your current membership and class favorites

- With a membership (after your free trial ends) you will gain full unlimited access to our entire library of 2,400+ classes (yoga, fitness/fusion classes, meditation, Pilates, and barre all included) with new classes added each week. Find what feels good for your body and reduce stress. Weight loss classes and programs are also available.

- Achieve your goals with 80+ expertly curated programs including Absolute Beginner Programs, Yoga for Weight Loss, Heal Your Back Pain, Yoga for Runners, challenges, prenatal programs + more.


- Enjoy the best classes - over half of our library is rated 4.8 stars or higher

- Find top, talented, inspiring teachers & yoga coaches that have mastered the art of teaching online


- Advanced filtering to find your perfect class. Filter by length, level, intensity, style, teacher, and even a specific goal or focus

- We offer a wide variety of yoga asanas, meditations, Pilates, barre and beginner daily yoga classes


- We have many classes, yoga plans, and programs that are designed for absolute beginners (yes it’s your yoga for beginners free app) or those that have just a little experience with yoga

- Develop your practice and an understanding of yoga in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you might be. Practice daily yoga and improve your flexibility, strength, balance, and overall health.

Review of our Beginner Yoga 101 Program:

"This series single-handedly got me into Yoga. I found it to be exactly the stretching I had been craving to help some hip pain (which went away.) It was also a good pace for someone that didn’t have the best flexibility, although that is now changing." ~ Shannon


- Choose to download classes so they are accessible even when you don't have an internet connection. Access our yoga tutors and instructors everywhere you go.

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User Reviews


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Iris Brand 2019-04-27

Not impressed. What a free trial is this if I can only download 4 videos to try? And it is not even explained anywhere.
Geri Smyth 2019-04-13

I\'ve been a member of YDL for 4 years now and love the classes, teachers, challenges and community. I use my laptop for accessing the site and hadn\'t really considered getting the app for my phone as I have a low data allowance in my package. However I recently did a class which was filmed in the outdoors (with instructor Keith Allen) and really wanted to be able to access it when I\'m outside so I took the plunge and downloaded the app onto my phone. It downloaded very quickly and installed quickly with the familiar logo on my home screen. Inside the app it is easy to use and all the classes are accessible and a handy link straight to my downloaded classes where at the moment I just have that one from Keith but can now take it with me wherever I go and practice where and when the mood takes me. Downloading the class took a long time but I think that was probably my wifi connection at the time. Great to have a pocket sized YDL!
carolyne corelis 2019-07-17

For the longest time the only mobile app for YDL was on my iphone. It was great, but it was more structured like their 20min YDL podcast (which is what got me into YDL, I used it so much I felt guilty and felt I should pay for such great content). This new android app, though, is so much more. A great mobile extension of the full browser site, the design is practical and intuitive. I like that I have access to the programs that I subscribe to-- one feature I would like to see added to the Roku app. In fact, this app is great and I use it at home, the gym, in a hotel, camping, etc. I love it and I love that I am never without quality YDL teachers like Elise Fabricant and Claire Pettri Marti
Tina O\'Neal 2020-07-01

Absolutely love this app! The options are endless! Choose your teacher, your style, the length of time of you want, the body part/objective/and or pose you would like to focus on, the intensity, the level, and more! I have had my membership for 3 years and never let is lapse because it (and I) are totally worth it!
Becca Zuklie 2019-10-03

I\'ve subscribed to this website for several years and I love it. There are so many videos, they are always adding new content, and the search function makes it super easy to find what you are looking for. I have always liked yoga, pilates, and barre- all of which are featured. Also, I recently found out I\'m pregnant and was incredibly excited to find out there is a prenatal section! This service is well worth the subscription fee, and much cheaper/more convenient than going to a gym.
Melissa Cutler 2020-10-26

It constantly demands that I log in over and over again, but 30 seconds after entering my password or says I still need to log in. Very frustrating. Update I think this was just a case of a confusing interface rather than a bug. I think I was logged in the entire time but I was trying to download more classes than the free trial allows. Confusingly, instead of telling me I\'d reached a limit I was being taken to a sign in screen.
Melinda Short 2020-06-29

I\'m so happy they created this app! Before, I would download my favorite sequences from YDL onto my phone. Now, I can stream them. Soon after I downloaded the app, I threw my back out. After recovering for a few days, I was laying on my yoga mat, trying to figure out some stretches to alleviate the tightness in my lower back. I grabbed my phone that was next to me and pulled up this app. I found a back pain sequence that amped my recovery! So, it is awesome to have this app at my fingertips!
Stephane Bates 2020-10-07

I love the variety of workouts, classes, teachers and styles on here. It is easy to navigate, and find the right class for how I\'m feeling that day. Side note they have different programs or challenges within the app you can pick which is cool. My only complaint is the app isn\'t available on all TVs (I had it on my roku, when we switched to our Samsung TV it wasn\'t available :/ I loved being able to full it up on my TV).
Bettina Beresh 2020-12-19

This app works on my Samsung Tab A for offline download to the media card from the \"My Downloads\" screen, so long as I search in the \"My Files\" app for the Android>data>com.yogadownload.app>files>YogaMedia folder and start \'er up. The message box that reads \"Could not find a part of the path \'storage/emulated/0/YogaMedia\' \" in the app, gets closed. Support, please close my Tickets, and maybe in the future this could be fixed. I like Deb Rubin and Pradeep Teotia. I run the gamut. Voice is key.
Jennifer Riggin 2021-01-14

Brilliant! So great for covid times. Huge array of classes from Forrest yoga to Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power... Really anything you could need. Im taking advantage of the two week trial, but honestly the $18 a month price is cheaper than a 3 pack at a local studio and the yearly is like the price of a month of classes. Very happy to have found this app. Really giving me a great peace of mind when it\'s hard to get to the gym. I\'m a fan!