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Yoga exercise for Beginners-Daily Workout at Home



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Description of Yoga exercise for Beginners-Daily Workout at Home

Zenia is more than a yoga app — it’s your virtual yoga studio.

Besides online lessons, you get real-time feedback on your moves and poses.

This is the first yoga app that uses your phone camera to track your asanas with breakthrough technology.

With Zenia, you can do your yoga practice in the safety and privacy of your home. The app does access your camera, but it’s totally private — no one can see you.

Train yoga at home — with a teacher, if you like it.

Zenia is not only about artificial intelligence motion tracking. If you prefer following yoga classes with a teacher, Zenia will help you too. With this yoga app, you can practice with experienced yoga trainers.

Looking to do yoga at home for beginners?

Join interactive classes or train live with world-class instructors on Zenia, and let them guide you on your home yoga workout. They will encourage you by explaining the benefits of yoga and will help you take your home practice to the next level. After each class, you’ll get stats and tips on how to improve the asanas you haven’t mastered yet.

And whether you want to practice yoga and meditation, or simply yoga stretching for flexibility, Zenia will create a personalized yoga program for you.

Do you want a yoga workout at home?

With Zenia, you can do yoga, just like in a real-life studio, your teacher will guide you through the process, give tips, and correct mistakes.

Get personalized analytics based on your performance.

Why not challenge other yogis on the platform to improve their health and mindfulness by doing a yoga challenge?

You can join challenges designed to help you better yourself day in, day out. Every yoga challenge has a set of rules that you must follow in order to win. A leaderboard keeps track of all the challengers and displays their rank based on their performance.

Practice different types of yoga.

Zenia guides your practice of different yoga types, such as:

- hatha yoga

- vinyasa yoga

- stress-relieving yoga nidra

- yin yoga

- ashtanga yoga.

If you want to do stretching or easy yoga exercises for weight loss, you will find them here. Need to do poses for back pain? Your AI teacher — or your expert human tutor — will guide you through restorative yoga asanas.

Find yoga exercises for beginners and advanced yogis.

Not sure yoga is for you? No problem. Explore yoga for beginners with a free trial of Zenia.

First-time yogi?

With Zenia’s guided courses you can learn easy yoga poses for beginners. If you are advanced, you can practice more difficult yoga positions.

Choose the best workout time for you.

Like doing morning yoga? No matter how early you wake up, Zenia is there to guide, correct and encourage you. Prefer doing it before bed? You can schedule the app to remind you of doing yoga workouts at bedtime.

With this yoga app, you can choose the best workout time and session length — whether you prefer a 5-minute, 7-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute, 20-minute, or even a 30-minute yoga workout. You can follow an everyday yoga routine or do weekly yoga training — whatever works best for you.

Relax your mind and body and let your energy flow, and increase your health and fitness levels by following your very own routine of yoga classes at home.

Bad Internet connection? Just download your video workouts and you can do your daily yoga exercises no matter what.

Break that mental barrier.

With Zenia, you can take a yoga break at any time. This helps you overcome the mental barrier that prevents you from being active.

Enjoy healing through yoga — your age doesn't matter.

Yoga allows you to exercise your body and mind at the same time. With the Zenia yoga app, you can do yoga moves and postures that will help you find harmony and healing. Common yoga benefits include improving neck pain, lower back, shoulder and sciatica pain. Plus, there are no age or gender restrictions. Yoga is for men and for women, for young people and for seniors.

Email at friends@zenia.co

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User Reviews


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Denis Sokolov 2020-08-28

Zenia helps me to practice yoga at my own pace without having to rely on the video.
Nikolay Samoilov 2020-08-31

Love it!This app is just amazing for beginners!
Calica Finley 2020-09-26

So much potential... The app is pretty much amazing...when it works. This is actually the first fitness app I planned on purchasing. There are a lot of bugs and glitches. I had to sign up again, even though it already had my information, and aside from the starting workout and the challenge workout, the rest of them don\'t work. Maybe I\'ll change my mind if it gets better, but for now, I don\'t feel comfortable paying for anything on this app. if the app improves, I will DEFINITELY give 5 stars.
Alice Oliver 2020-08-03

All there is on the app is the boat challenge, there are no classes, they are \"coming soon\" there is no option to create a profile, it is pretty much empty except the boat challenge.
Alena Makhova 2020-10-21

Very useful function to check if your poses are good enough. Important as it is my first yoga attempts.
Mariangel Silva 2020-11-30

Great costumer service 😊
Stanislav Demidov 2020-10-21

Новый режим с живыми инструкторами просто класс
Mohit mathur 2020-10-29

It\'s very useful but 2 questions that concerns me are the training clips am I downloading them Everytime I play them or is it already in the app once I downloaded the app because I am on restricted data package and not sure if it will consume all my data please do let me know and other concern is sometime the audio instructions take 1-2 second after the pose has been completed is it my data speed or could be app issue. Overall.very happy great work I wish it was free :)