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Yoga for Beginners-Yoga Exercises at Home APK

Yoga for Beginners-Yoga Exercises at Home



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Description of Yoga for Beginners-Yoga Exercises at Home

Get stronger and more flexible with this yoga for beginners free app!

Start your day with yoga, stretch muscles, increase flexibility and balance, improve performance in daily activities, keep good posture, get fit and healthy!

Yoga can make you stronger and more flexible. Better flexibility reduce your risk for injury. Each yoga pose targets specific muscles. This helps you increase flexibility and reduce risk for injury.

Yoga helps to reduce stress. Yoga focuses on the moment and movement. Yoga meditation helps you focus on yourself and your body. This helps stress and anxiety relief.

Yoga also helps to improve posture. Poor posture can cause back pain, neck pain and other muscles problems. Yoga poses strengthen and open tight areas of the body like the shoulders and muscles of the upper back. This helps posture improve.

WHY Nexoft Mobile's "Yoga for Beginners-Yoga Exercises at Home" app?

-Easy and effective yoga daily workout

-No equipment needed, workout at home

-Different yoga poses&asanas target specific muscles

-Suitable for everyone, men, women, young and old

-Yoga instructor coaching you through video instructions

-%100 FREE

-Yoga exercises for both beginner and advanced

-Daily reminder to keep you motivated

-Yoga for weight loss and fat burn

-Stretch muscles, improve flexibility, improve posture

-Reduce stress and relax

-30 Day Yoga challenge

Yoga has many benefits, practising yoga helps you focus, lose weight, sleep better, relieve anxiety, increase strength, boosts immunity while making you happier. Start your day with morning yoga stretches or practice yoga for bedtime. Easy yoga poses with no equipment needed. Yoga home workout. Try this best free yoga app for a healthier life. Now download "Yoga for Beginners-Yoga Exercises at Home" app by Nexoft Mobile!

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User Reviews


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Yvonne Bowman 2020-11-26

Fantastic app! I am so thrilled that I found it. I tried other apps but this one is the best. I am a beginner and I found that it really is a just that. If you want to skip a position there is a button conviently located on the screen. The background music is perfect. What more can you want, give it a try today.
Zohra Parveen 2021-01-19

Wonderful app ....it was very convenient , easy to understand , overall satisfactory & up to my expectations ..I installed this app for my mom who is diabetic ..so i found this app really useful for her...she didn\'t got tired ...& felt good after doing the yoga as instructed by the application.
Miki Pon 2021-01-28

Decent, but some animations are misleading, some exercises weird and drawn out for no reason but to kill time, making it not very effective. Lots of content is locked, and you need to get points to unlock the custom stuff. Overall a bit disappointing for me.
Captain Hook 2021-01-06

Love it! Really appreciate the cal loss count, the points are super motivating, and as a beginner the exercises are perfect. A little difficult for me to do those that require me to be on my knees because of my knee replacement (I\'m only 18 but yea I have one lol) but overall very great app!
cocomoco 2021-01-03

This app let\'s me know whatt I have to do so I don\'t have to keep looking at the phone for the next step. Also it\'s tells me when I am have way through. Compared to the other apps I have tried, I really like this one.
Felicity Serrano 2021-02-17

I really like how the app asks you how long you need in-between each stretch and while you are waiting it shows a moving picture of exactly what you need to do. And the stretches are really good too. Love it :)

Very helpful if you are a beginner
Renee Fenech 2020-12-20

Great app. Shows target areas. Simple stretches but I can certainly feel the effects. I start my morning with it. Looking forward to progressing through the levels.
reina felix 2021-03-07

I\'ve tried several apps upon \"re-starting\" my workout endeavors but this is the only one that allows me to gradually pace myself without feeling rushed. So far, so good! My daughter loves working out with me and she can keep the pace and as a 7 year old, she appreciates the heads up for the next exercise!
Melissa McCoy 2021-01-21

This is a simple app to use. Easy to follow and super helpful. I\'ve had back pain even since I gave birth to my son 8 months ago. I\'ve used this app for only a few days, and my back,hips and shoulders are in so much less pain.