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Description of Yoga International: Daily Yoga

Stream unlimited yoga and meditation classes, programs, and challenges—with new daily live classes! Whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing for years, you’ll find every level of class to help you meet your practice goals. Get unlimited access for the first 30 days for free!

Practice with leading teachers in a variety of styles, including vinyasa, hatha, yoga for beginners, restorative, Kundalini, and Yin. Classes with some of the best yoga teachers in the world are now available wherever you are, so set up your mat and let’s begin.


* Explore a wide array of classes, ranging from 15 minutes to over an hour

* Save your favorites for later and track your progress

* Learn from experts in the fields of yoga therapy, anatomy, and more

* Experience 1000+ classes with 500+ teachers

* Advance your practice with podcasts and articles

* New live classes and content added daily

* Available in English and Spanish

Start today and get instant access with a 30-day free trial!


Our yoga courses—led by experts in yoga therapy, anatomy, alignment, and more—can help you get started or take your practice deeper. Topics include Yoga to Soothe Sciatica, Healing and Preventing Wrist Pain, Yoga for Functional Movement, Strong Core Challenge, iRest Yoga Nidra, and many more.


If you’re new to yoga, Yoga International is a great way to get started and experience the benefits of a sustained personal practice. Select your level of experience, and the app will choose classes that are right for you. And to get comfortable with the basics, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Yoga course.


Already a yogi? That’s great! Yoga International provides many ways to deepen your practice. We offer challenging asana practices, nuanced yoga therapy classes, teaching method tutorials, pranayama intensives, ayurvedic yoga classes, and much more—and we publish new content daily. Take in-depth courses on topics such as Yoga for Strength and Stamina, Soar Higher: Advanced Arm Balance Workshop, and The Art of Deepening Backbends.


As many of our online classes are under 30 minutes, they’re easy to fit into a busy schedule. We’ve also created a variety of courses designed to get you on the mat when you’re crunched for time, including The Busy Yogi Challenge and our 30 for 30 Challenge.


Download as many classes and courses as you like so that you can keep up with your practice when you’re on the go. You can listen to a guided meditation during a flight, take a yoga class in your hotel room, or practice anywhere that has spotty internet access.


Download the app & start your trial to get instant access to Yoga International’s extensive library of yoga classes, articles, and podcasts. Sign up today & get your first 30 days for free. Cancel anytime. Review our privacy - https://bit.ly/3dKpN9i and Terms of Use - https://bit.ly/2ZsBlZz

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User Reviews


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Xenia Mary Lane 2019-10-08

Don\'t download! It\'s a fraud and scam! I subscribed through Google and cancelled subscription in the beginning of September. Then I was charged through the app itself, not Google, which means they have my card details and use it without permission! I can\'t even request a refund from Google! The stole my card details! Please write a feedback to Google about this app so they block it. Don\'t let people fall into this trap.
Katya Naiman 2016-12-19

Almost everything I want Excellent idea, design, and especially happy about the tracking feature. However, there is a bug of some sort in the app... it keeps on kicking me of the video every couple of minutes during the practice, and when I replay the video again it would not resume from the spot it was stoped. Please address these two issues. It would make the use of the videos so much more practical!
Maria S 2019-10-07

Agree with anyone who said it\'s a scam. I\'ve cancelled subscription a month ago before being charged. And wasn\'t charged for September. Haven\'t had any email confirming cancellation. Then I was charged for October when I even forgot about this app. When I messaged the customer service they said they couldn\'t give me a refund. Was charged inappropriately and unfairly,even though its their fault that cancellation doesn\'t work in a website and app. Don\'t recommend.
Azam Majidi 2019-08-10

think twice before you want to start the \'one month\' free(!!!!!) trial! trust me there is no way to cancel the subscription. yes no way!! the worst customor service ever. its been a week I\'ve sent email to these people to cancel my subscription haven\'t heard since!!
Vivek Kini 2019-12-11

For 30 days trial confirmation, they immediately send an email. But once the subscription is cancelled, they don\'t provide any email. These are real digital cheaters. Google should.ban their App immediately after so many negative feedbacks of fraudulent money debiting of cancelled customers.
Iris Jessup 2019-05-21

I found it taxing to go to a yoga class at my gym it moved too fast I can do this at my own pace work up to be able to going to a class and participating in their pace and I can choose what I want to learn and how long I\'d like to do it 20 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour it\'s wonderful worth every penny and the stretching there\'s nothing like it first thing in the morning in the evening so beautiful thing peace love and light to you
K B 2016-12-15

Good app with one big flaw I have been holding off subscribing to this service until they had an app. I specifically want to cast the classes to my chromecast in my gym. THIS APP IS MISSING CASTING. Cast from the mobile web was removed not too long ago. Hope it is coming soon.
A Google user 2016-12-28

video and audio crashes I love that Yoga International has created an app where I can read and save articles. I subscribed hoping to be able to use the app to do yoga and meditate on the go. Unfortunately, they all crash on my android devices about 1 minute in. I hope you can fix this!
Dushyant Ahuja 2019-10-11

Absolutely horrible customer support. I had signed up for a trial, but never really used it as it didn\'t fit my requirements. At the end of the trial period, my credit card was charged for a month. I immediately emailed the support team asking them to cancel my subscription and resume the amount as I was not using the app. What response do I get - you agreed to the terms and conditions and we\'re not refunding you. They don\'t care if the app was used or not.
Paula Beatrise Labunskaite 2019-12-16

I would not recommend this app to anyone. I subscribed for the 30 day free trial. After which I had no possible chance to cancel my subscription. Even now I do not have the option to cancel the membership. They charge me for the monthly fee. Wrote to the support team, didn\'t receive an answer. Very disappointing.