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YouGov’s official app puts the power of participation in your hands, wherever you go. Earn points, answer interesting surveys and redeem your prizes within the app!

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lable: Social - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:YouGov PLC

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Kathi Smith 2019-10-25

I love this site! You Gov is one of the best for taking surveys that are fun, enjoyable and interesting. These surveys usually only require 4 to 5 minutes to do and so far in the little over a year time I have been a member I have redeemed quite a few Amazon e codes for $15.00 each. I totally recommend this app!
Lisa Harmon-Jelle 2019-05-06

*UPDATE: 3 months later and still no deposit.* I\'m very disappointed with them. I cashed in my 100,000 points for $100 deposit. Their email stated, 3-7 business days it should be in your account. I checked throughout the specified days and received nothing. On the 9th business day, still nothing. I\'ve emailed them 5 times and sent 1 feedback message. I signed up in good faith so all I\'m asking is that they live up to their end, which they haven\'t. I\'m not happy YouGov.
Rebecca Lopez Francis 2020-11-11

YouGov is one of the highest paying survey sites. I enjoy the surveys because they\'re thought provoking (not just your opinions on pet food, etc.). I also like being paid cash, directly deposited to my bank account! It\'s a better way to spend your time instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media. I\'ve seen results published by credible news outlets also.
Gordatados 2020-03-24

I\'m pleasantly surprised to actually find an app that pays out for opinions. I get a survey almost every day, and have redeemed two $15 Amazon gift cards already in about...(4?) months. It takes awhile to accumulate points, but it\'s worth it. I only wish once you\'ve redeemed a gift card, it didn\'t take 10 days to 3 weeks for them to e-mail it to you, so you can finally use it. It should be automatic; same day as you click \'redeem\', it should be in your inbox.
Carbon Copy 2020-07-24

Wish you could put the star rating into the negative! Should be negative 5 stars. Refuses to send the confirmation code to my email address. Gave up 3 months ago and tried again today. Same failure. After redeeming my points they stopped sending surveys so I thought I would try the app to see if it would make a difference but NOOOO! Looks to me like they are cleaning out the long time users. No support at all, it\'s like they just quit.
Lijeven 2020-08-06

After being a member for several years, I suddenly can not claim my rewards. Sent at least 5 emails to their customer support who don\'t seem to give a s*** about it. No information at all if I have broken any policy or what has happent. I still have access to my account but can\'t use my points. Appalling customer service on behalf of Yougov.
Mikey Downes 2021-02-05

Has taken around a year, but finally got to 5,000 points. Cashed out and the money was in my bank rapidly. Not had any problems unlike others I am reading. Can\'t really complain, I would suggest the approximate time they suggest to take a survey is lower than reality mind. For about 30 minutes a week I\'m now £50 better off 🙂
Chris Barton 2020-11-05

I have had this app for almost a year and have 85K points, but now I\'ve been locked out of everything and Support refuses to even acknowledge my inquiry. I have even sent them a screenshot of my profile page showing every activity greyed out and inaccessible, yet they refuse to even reply. This is unbelievable. This is some of the most incompetent support I have ever seen in my life, this is unacceptable.
P A 2020-06-10

*Edited 10 June 2020, YouGov have resolved the previous issue I had* As with many apps, this one gives you all the features on the website in a more convenient package. I\'ve been with YouGov for several years with no complaints. Depending on the rate of surveys, I\'ve had as many as 4 payouts a year. You can increase the rate by getting YouGov Pulse (an extra 1000 points per month), but be careful, if you\'re on data only it pretty much doubles your data usage.
khan 2020-12-04

Support team is really not the best.. They hack people accounts and dont let them sign in.... Once you grow many points and ur close to encash.. They freeze your app. It doesnt respond at all. And you try to logout and login.. Thats it.. It will never let you login. By providing fake OTPs on your email.. And you send email to support team they won\'t bother to reply..