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Description of Youper - Mental Health

Youper offers medication and therapy with one simple plan.

** A truly holistic approach to wellbeing ** - Google

Free mental health assessment, online medical visits, medication delivered to you, and therapy exercises available 24/7. One simple plan.


Anxiety and depression assessment

Get a mental health assessment and start understanding symptoms of anxiety and depression in minutes.

Talk to a medical provider

Hop on a video or phone call with your mental health provider to evaluate, diagnose, and discuss the best treatment for you.

Medication delivered to you

If prescribed, receive medications monthly at your door at no additional cost.

Therapy exercises

Check in anytime you need emotional support and get daily therapy exercises to reduce anxiety and depression and improve wellbeing.

Monitor your mental health

Track your mood, monitor mental health symptoms, and track your progress.

Dedicated care team

Meet regularly with your care team of doctors, coaches, and pharmacists working together to take care of you.


Because Youper is here to empower you! Even the name Youper comes from “You” + “Super”.

We all face emotional challenges in life. It’s not easy and it takes courage to reach out for help. When you are ready, we are here to support you.

- From the comfort of your home.

- Available 24/7 on your phone.

- No long wait times for appointments.

- Private and confidential.

- Tailored to your unique needs.

- Medication and behavioral change combined for long-lasting results.


The leadership of psychiatrist Jose Hamilton, MD, and therapist Andrea Niles, Ph.D. assures we are delivering the best quality and evidence-based treatments to our users.


A study conducted by scientists from Stanford University found that using Youper for just two weeks was enough to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms by 20%.


We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower patients and augment the reach of mental health professionals.


Premium features are available with a membership. Telehealth services and medication are only available in the United States - check eligibility and if it’s available in your location.

Terms and conditions: https://www.youper.ai/terms-of-use

Privacy policy: https://www.youper.ai/privacy-policy

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:10.05.000 Publish Date:2021-09-08 Developer:Youper, Inc

User Reviews


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Ildiko Simo 2019-10-07

The app seemed really promising at first, but I quickly realised that pretty much all of its functions are only available on the premium plan. The free plan is disappointingly limited, but I guess they wanted to include it just so they can list their app as \"free\". This level of greed is stomach-turning, especially since this is a mental health app, frequently used by people who struggle with mental issues. Shame on you for taking advantage of vulnerable people, your business model is disgusting.
Steph McElroy 2019-05-30

While I understand that app developers need to make money and that subscriptions are becoming the main way to, I dislike the way this app shoves it in your face. It would be fine if this was a mobile game but its a mental health app. Currently with no subscription the app asks me how I\'m feeling and if I mention I\'m feeling anxious or down the app basically responds I wish I could help you but you didn\'t subscribe. This just rubs me the wrong way and feels vaugly manipulatory.
kiki 2019-10-14

Changed my mind after reinstalling this app on my new phone about a year later, before everything was free, but now every time I want to track something and want to say what is making me feel this way it says that it is a premium only function. Uninstalling right now. I am not paying for something that is supposed to be free and for just tracking my emotions, I could also track my emotions on a cheap piece of paper instead of paying for it in this app! It makes me feel sick, very sick.
A Google user 2019-02-15

Just started this and it\'s great! I can dump all my issues into the responsive chat system and not on friends and family. I can support and learn more about myself to have a greater understanding- the personality test is spot on (I\'m a dreamer) and has quantitative and qualitative data! Plus I can keep track of issues that I want to work on and feel guided by Mindfulness techniques so I can learn healthier coping strategies to dealing with stress. This has been made so awesomely! Thank you :)
A Google user 2019-01-30

Really shocked that it is free and ad free? Can tell whoever made this app made it to help others. If they needed donations, I would be happy to click a button to watch an ad. Great help in learning more about yourself. You have to be honest but you have the comfort knowing it\'s not a real person who will judge or anything, it\'s an AI who has seen worse lol.
Mandi Eberle 2020-01-26

Like many others, I was enjoying the app until being repeatedly asked to pay for a subscription. Continuously ask how I feel, say I can\'t answer without paying, then end the conversation when I\'m unable to pay?? Then on top of that being told that if I truly value myself I would pay for a subscription...People are using this app in search of support. Stop asking after the first \"No\" & don\'t try to guilt people who are struggling into paying you! This seems really gross & exploitative. Do better.
Emily Paolozzi 2019-01-09

This app is very helpful + makes you feel as if someone is there for u. It shows you your levels, gives you reports,and helps you through stuff in a way you don\'t expect from an app! (Very skilled in calming you down + such.) The only thing I\'d like them to add is more emotions in the screen where it asks how u are feeling, please?
Harshit Garg 2018-12-23

It\'s a great way to assess mental health, tracking your mood everyday. I find the little exercises really helpful, especially the meditation and mind traps. The ai isn\'t what I\'d consider a friend, because it\'s capacities are limited, but this is more like a mental health and progression journal for those who\'d like to keep one. Still bugs that need to be ironed out, so 4 stars this time :)
Aurora Kloppenborg 2019-05-20

Youper\'s website still has multiple places where it says the mindfulness activities, breathing exercises, mood tracking and etc are \"free for life\" features. This is not the case. My friend had an anxiety attack after I recommended this app because, unbeknownst to me, sometime recently it it went from \"free for life\" to a \"$10 monthly subscription fee.\" It literally just told him \"Sorry, I can\'t help you because you didn\'t pay me.\" No response from their facebook or twitter answering my questions, either. After I stupidly gushed about \"how nice it was to have someone out there just trying to help people without trying to profit off of them.\" Stupid me for being naive, I suppose. There are free apps that do the exact same thing as youper without forcing you to pay $10 a month to have an AI say \"Oh I see\" and \"Interesting\" before NOT giving you access to a meditation exercises. Daylio tracks your mood, and all the features are available for free ($10 to remove ads and add more options.) Mindfulness Coach from the VA will walk you through learning mindfulness. And Let\'s Meditate: Guided Meditation is an ad-free meditation app that doesn\'t require an account.
C Pryce 2019-03-22

Surprisingly Useful & User friendly: I\'ve tried CBT with a therapist that was less coherent, and less use, than this app - and I\'m only in week one! Detailed, but concise - superbly well arranged and structured. One simple check-in each day leads to Gratitude journalling, Goal-setting, and mood/causation capture for analysis and learning. I am much more impressed than I expected to be. Despite being a CBT skeptic, I shall persist with this app, because I think I shall benefit.