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YUBII Home Center

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Description of YUBII Home Center

The new YUBII Home Center app is a combination of up to day trends and cutting-edge technology to make smart home management even more comfortable and efficient.

The new app is equipped with an intuitive dashboard designed to every last detail. After switching the app on, you can immediately see the Home Summary displaying everything you need to know about your home with just one glimpse. Monitor the state of the alarm, temperature, lighting, doors and windows, blinds and gates, switches and many more depending on your preferences.

See the Room Summary to manage all the devices in the system in a given room. It’s a comfortable and quick way of adjusting the space to your needs at all times.

YUBII Home Center presents a very convenient way of managing all the scenes that you use at home. Monitor them, change the settings and switch on and off within one click.

YUBII Home Center uses machine learning to learn your habits and preferences. It suggests which actions you want to take on the basis of your previous behaviors.

With YUBII Home Center you can manage your home with your smartphone or the Google Assistant. The app is also compatible with Google Home devices so you can switch on/off scenes with one voice command.

The app features 2 color themes:



Choose the color that suits you best or simply use the light versions during the day and the dark one in the evening to care about your eyes.

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lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Fibar Group S.A.

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-05-08

i am constantly amazed just how *£_/57@%# this vendor is. I am Pi#$$d that i have spent over 10K on a HC2 and associated endpoints right throughout my house, and its overall performance and consistent functionality is below anything that should be able to make it to market. I have waited a LONG time for improvement. Fibaro, if your brand is worth anything at all, I want my money BACK!. Any other feedback you might offer, like you have done so for other honest reviewers, is rubbish
Chubby YYZ 2020-09-03

I like the fresh look of the new version, but there is lack of functionality that the previous version had, as many other reviews mentioned. In my case, controlling blinds with the previous app was great: I could have 3 positions with my blinds: fully opened, fully closed, and a 3rd state that you could program by pressing the pause button. The new app does not allow it because it only has up/down buttons, and the percentage slider does not seem to work with my blinds at all: they only go all the way up or all the way down. I also want to request an app version for tablets, or alternatively allow this version to have landscape mode. I have a tablet attached to a wall that I use as a control center for my home, but I cannot use this new version of the software because it only works on portrait mode.
Bartek 2020-02-18

The UX of the application is really ugly and not living up to 2020 standards. The app feels like being designed by developer in 1990\'s. I wish that Fibaro finally hires someone that understands Material Design and modern, minimalistic app design. I hope that Fibaro will one day create a brand new, fast, modern app with technologies like Flutter or Kotlin and modern, minimalistic design without colors like light blue on dark blue. For now I\'m staying with the old Fibaro app
Brad Hawkes 2020-11-28

OK, but limited functionality, and little customising. For example, you can\'t even set the colour correctly of an RGBW led using the Fibaro RGBW dimmer. You can also not create any custom pages, or combine multiple devices into a single virtual device. Basic control of basic stuff works quite well though.
Ed Bolton 2019-02-28

the update is still unusable. thats minutes for the devices to come up. still totally waste of time. please dont bother publishing another version untill it is fully working. it costs a lot of money to buy your products and you cant offer a working app!!!
Chris W 2020-09-02

Fibaro should consider investing time in assisting users with the current set of issues than wasting time in updates that are not adding value to the users. 1 star for the poor technical team.
Stephen Barrett 2020-12-12

Loving the look, however lack of functionality with regard to RGB. When I launch app on my Pixel 3 it keeps crashing, after about 4 attempts in then runs, however, just accidentally logged out, and I now cannot re-connect to home center???
Adam Gabriel 2019-02-03

this app seems to have been released prematurely. looks nice but that\'s about it. switches just dont turn on and off properly. the old app works perfectly. this new one unfortunately fails 80% of the time also looks like yet another company favouring development on iphone rather than having feature parity on both android and iphone update: thanks for the generic response. does nothing to reply to my concerns, but all good. now I know I\'m just a number.
Danny Khalil 2019-09-15

Buggy app. They went for a modern look but the old app is 10x better. This app is slow, keeps disconnecting and asks for user and pass all over again and is not very intuitive. Going back to the old one.
Mark Kenyon 2019-03-27

Able to login and select the home center, but then the app says your home center is not fully configured yet, please contact installer. The previous app works. Finally managed to get the previous app working by upgrading the firmware of the device, why this couldn\'t have been said defeats me, and now have just upgraded the app on my phone and it is asking me for username and password... it\'s the same as it was before the upgrade...honestly I\'m loosing patience with the most expensive solution