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Description of Zacks Stock Research

Zacks Investment Research is a leading provider of independent investment research with a proven track record of outperforming the market.

The content for this application is provided by Zacks.com and offers access to the proven Zacks Rank—and its average gain of +26% per year—and Zacks’ proprietary research for trading success while on the go.

The Zacks mobile app distills the essential data elements of the Zacks research methodology to a simple series of views that are perfect for the on-the-go investor. Stay on top of stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs you’re most interested in—right on your android device.

Zacks mobile app lets you:

• Read the latest issue of Zacks’ Profit from the Pros investing newsletter as well as the latest Top Stories by Zacks’ experts.

• See the Zacks Rank which indicates potential outperformance based on earning estimate revisions and surprises.

• View the current price/share, price change, and percent price change.

• Access detailed earnings statement for this quarter and next, yearly information, as well as quarterly and yearly earnings trends,

• Find surprise history and earnings ESP for each quarter and yearly information

• View average broker recommendations.

• Look up the key earnings and ratings statistics, for which Zacks is known, along with the latest commentary insights from Zacks’ team of experienced research analysts and market strategists.

Plus, enjoy these great features:

• Search for tickers, keywords or companies

• Add stocks to your Watchlist

• Get investing ideas

• See the market overview from the Dow Jones, S&P 500, or Nasdaq

• Obtain time-delayed intra-day quotes

• Read the newest news and articles from Zacks

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:4.1.50 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Zacks Investment Research

User Reviews


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David ten Brink Rio 2020-07-11

The research is awesome but the app... not so much. It\'s clunky, slow, difficult to navigate. It\'s got a very old school looking UI/UX. The developers should look at Yahoo finance app for pointers. The website, although it\'s UI is also quite antiquated, is much better. The research is undeniably fantastic, which is why I gave this 4 stars. The research is the meat and potatoes here, but I just wish the technology was up to par...
Emmitt Josh Cannon 2021-02-06

I really wanted to like this app. I like Zacks approach to stock advising and their rating system. If only the app would work. I can\'t even get it to look up quotes most of the time. It just hourglasses forever. Very frustrating. I was really prepared to become a premium member because I want to be able to have my stock advisory in a nice, neat app, but this has changed my mind. I\'ll stick with Motley\'s RB instead.
Steve Kyle SK Music 2020-10-13

This app used to work great! Now when I click to open a stock, I get an error message saying cannot connect to server. I deleted and reinstalled. Same problem. Again, it used to be great.
Sorin Trifan 2019-04-12

take care! it is a scam! if you try the demo, it will automatically charge you after 30 days. there is no way to cancel the subscription. you tell them that you do not want to continue, but they keep trying to charge your credit card every few days. regarding the \'research\': it does not look like any research is going on. only some automated scripts based on graph
Christ Costanza 2020-01-05

This app has way too many bugs and the interface doesn\'t fit well in phones. It often ask you to log in and gives you an error that information isn\'t correct. There is also an error when typing in the search bar you will often be greeted with a lovely white screen.and the interface doesn\'t fit well. The interface is horrible, most words are cut off or information is blocked because half of the info is under other parts of the interface. I\'d recommend using the website over the app.
Paul Hazen 2021-02-04

I highly recommend Zacks. Their app, however, has some room for improvements. Regularly unable to get detailed information about a stock. It simply won\'t load the information. It locks up and I am forced to close the app and use my computer. It used to work great. A recent update to either the app or android killed it. Update 2-2021 App still useless, up over 110% in a year using their analysis of stocks. Stock picks good. App horrible. Still freezes when looking up any stock, even when loggedin
Miles Macdonald 2021-02-03

The App itself is very easy to use and the ranking system clear and easy to understand. However I\'m hoping things will improve regarding recommendations. I\'ve so far invested in 4 enterprises with a Ranking of Strong Buy, but all of them are currently showing losses. Subsequently to this, I just chose a bad week and my Zacks recommendations are doing well now.
Pete Maggio 2016-08-10

Great idea App locks up and I have to do a Force Stop in settings to get it to respond again. Other than that, it works okay.
Jace Mindu 2020-08-11

Easy access to useful data, for free! Great service, especially having quick access to the ranks. Data clearly displayed and I like the bottom tabs to sort through everything. The various portfolio lists being so easily switched between really helps me organise my various watch lists. Only wish there was a widget with the app so I could see my lists without having to log in.
Eric Neil 2017-03-29

Market indices in the application are almost always a day old. Today, Dow is correct but NASDAQ shows down over 100 pts. In Portfolio, which is spelled \"Protfolio\" in the application, shows the percentage change incorrect, it takes the dollar change and adds a %. For example, a stock down $1.50 shows as a percentage change of 1.50%. Just use the website, you can\'t trust this ap.