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Description of Zap Surveys - Get Paid Cash

Earn ⭐ REAL CASH REWARDS ⭐ and gift cards for your favorite stores quickly with paid surveys, cash back shopping, and more in the Zap Surveys app 🤑

Are you looking for a new way to make money or a side hustle just using your phone? Want to earn extra money rewards? Then stop right now and download Zap Surveys, the best of all apps to make money.

Take Paid Surveys for Cash

We offer guaranteed surveys every day that tell you the exact dollar amount you are going to earn before even starting a survey.

+ High paying surveys where you will not only be rewarded, but we will also donate to help stop child starvation every completed survey! You can take a survey for money and a survey for charity in a single paid survey.

+ Location Surveys that appear based on your location!

+ Surveys for Cash on the go that you can cash out anytime!

Earn Cash Back when You Shop

Zap Surveys is partnered with over 50 major retailers and brands to deliver an amazing shopping experience, all with cash back! For every item you shop, you will earn up to 40% cash back added right to your Zap Surveys balance. Its your lucky day discovering this app.

Earn Cash When You Scan

Zap Surveys has partners with brands you know and love! Scan receipts and scan items in stores for real cash rewards and make money on every scan.

Why else should I use Zap Surveys?

🤑 Get paid cash instantly for shopping & saving money with Zap!

💵 Earn money by sharing your opinion through surveys

🤑 You can also earn by scanning products in retailers near you - no purchase required!

💵 Get Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal Cash & PayPal deposits, Visa eGift Card Rewards, Swag, Starbucks Gift Card, and even more Free Rewards!

🤑 Get Paid to Play Games with Gamified Paid Cash Surveys in Zap

💵 Online Surveys and Polls that Pay! You’ll be earnin in no time!

🤑 The Zap App Pays you in Cash, Bucks, Dollars, Cashbucks - whatever you call it - we pay in cash, not points or gems or mypoints - just CASH! The best earning app is here - and its the Zap app.

Cash in that real money you earn from surveys and cash back activities & earn PayPal gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, & Visa gift cards!

Okay, I’m listening - how can I cash out?

🤑 Once you earn enough money to cash out on Zap Surveys, select your free gift card reward, cash out, & we’ll send you an email!

💵 Want to earn with PayPal? This is a PayPal Game for Money! This is how you earn with PayPal games and PayPal money for free. All with in-store scanning and earning.

🤑 Get paid cash instantly for shopping & saving money with Zap!

💵 The ultimate Survey Cash App with tons of cash offers!

🤑 The current rewards and cash out options on Zap are endless!

💵 Paid surveys for PayPal cash free! These are Daily Surveys!

🤑 Luck? Lucky Money? You don’t need to be Lucky - you can earn cash for free whenever you want in your downtime!

💵 Stop reading this and download this Earn Cash Rewards app now!

Get Paid Rewards For Taking Surveys. Cash & Money Rewards Paid In Giftcards For Scanning Items, Surveys, Polls that Pay, Make Money walking with Location Surveys and Shopping Cash Back! Make Money Online and Get Paid Real Cash for Surveys and Scanning Receipts! Start saving now with Zap Surveys Paid Surveys! You can fetch your rewards by taking surveys, scanning receipts, scanning items in stores, cash for checkins, and cash out!

Zap Surveys uses your location minimally while in the background to deliver in-store offers to you at the right time. Note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

So go share your opinion directly with people that are going to use your expertise. Oh, and make some free money while you’re at it! Drop what you are doing and download Zap Surveys now to see why it is the best earn money app in the world today!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:3.09 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Zap Surveys, LLC

User Reviews


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Team Throw 2019-04-18

I made $6.40 the first minute I was in the app and its incredible! I\'m finally getting paid actual cash and not just fake cash or points to redeem it to get real cash, like anyone has the time to do that. I just wish there were more surveys for us minors, other than that, keep doing what yall are doing!
Frog Guice 2019-07-19

It\'s a really good app but my one problem is that sometimes when I finish a survey it doesn\'t give me a reward. I answer questions responsibly and appropriately, so I don\'t know what is happening so if you can look into that bug that would be great!
Tamara Sanders 2020-02-08

This app is seriously on the verge of being uninstalled. So, once I reach my payout amount deleted it will be. I\'ve had so many issues with this app. Not being compensated for surveys to a whole lot of app glitches. I\'ve tried to countless times to contact support and to my avail nothing or no one has attempted to come to my rescue. If the app doesn\'t have a good support team it\'s good for nothing. Soon you will be uninstalled. I do not recommend this app to no one. Please don\'t waste your time
Graham Stokes 2019-11-21

Overall a good app -- lots of surveys and earning opportunities, and the goal to reach before cashing out is lower and easier to reach than on similar apps! The only reason I\'m not giving this 5 stars is that the surveys aren\'t always reliable -- sometimes they won\'t go forward, or sometimes you\'ll do the whole entire survey and it will only give you partial credit. These issues are intermittent though, definitely still worth doing this app!
Nikkii Lowes 2020-10-14

I\'ve demoted the app to 3 stars from 5 (I\'ve been using it for years without a single issue), because upon opening the app, for the last week or so, all I get is a blank screen so I can\'t log in and get my daily reward of 3 cents and I will likely lose my login streak. If this is fixed in a timely manner, I will once again award 5 stars. UPDATE: Issue has been rectified. 5 stars!
Kim Glover 2019-10-12

Awesome app with opportunity for free money. The only bad thing is sometimes the surveys freeze and then you don\'t end up being able to finish and then you dont get paid out for any of that time that you used... other than that I like the app.
Melanie Parker 2020-06-12

The app started out great. Great way to earn money but then as I got closer to the cash out amount, suddenly I was no longer getting paid for being zapped and now it won\'t let me log in at all anymore and so I tried to reset my password but it only pulls up a blank page. And as soon as you miss one check in day, u lose that reward you were building up for. And this glitch will make me have to start over again with the check ins when I was extremely close to the reward and being able to cash out
Alex Gonzalez 2019-11-19

Ive had this app for several months now and the my biggest problem is its lack of consistency. In my experience the only area that will definitely pay is tap reasearch, but dont get excited because even though the advertised survey says it\'ll pay 15 cents, you\'ll likely only recieve 2 cents, because you dont meet an arbitrary criteria. So, you may spend 3-5 minutes answering questions and get booted off the survey, at least you have 2 cents right? Wrong, because you need $25 min to cash out.
Benjamin Hill 2020-10-22

Hey!...i hope that nobody reading this review download\'s this app,because that\'s just how bad they are....first of all everything\'s fine when you start the survey\'s,but when you finally reached the cashout amount they,unfortunately won\'t pay you it\'ll say that they\'ll send you your paypal money usually from(2-3)business day\'s,but that\'s a lie it\'ll take probably longer to get it if you even receive it in the first place....then when you email customer support it\'l say they\'ll help asap but don\'t
Jessica Silcox 2020-05-05

Erases logged in days constantly!!! It has happened many many many times and when you email them they say sorry and only put some of your days back it\'s like the don\'t read what you say. I have given up at this point. Surveys don\'t pay what they say it\'s worth and I\'m not including the partial credit I mean the survey says $0.81 for 15 mins but at the end it gives you $0.01. doesn\'t matter if you send screenshots because they don\'t pay attention. Zap locations never work either.