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Description of Zen Flip Clock

Zen Flip Clock can immerse you in zen mode, and improve focus and productivity.

Especially good for taking photos and recording videos.


1. Swipe left to pomodoro

2. Swipe right to stopwatch

3. Tap AM/PM label to switch 24/12 time format

4. Tap weekday label to toggle weekday

5. Tap seconds label to toggle second

6. Swipe up to settings

7. Swipe up and down with two fingers to change screen brightness

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More Information Of Zen Flip Clock

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.2.2 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Wang Shudao

User Reviews


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Musaiyib khan 2020-12-16

It\'s an amazing app However I have a doubt I read an article which said that the screen would burn if an image or icon or logo is displayed on the screen for a long period of time So I thought the same issue would be with always on display. So I searched about it and found that always on displays are reposition every specific time to prevent screen burn. But in this application\'s case\' I wanted to know if th clock is repositioned however I didn\'t notice any repositioning or if it isn\'t a problem
Bhalesh Patel 2020-10-11

Good app with minimal design. Useful for turning old spare phones into desk clock. Just few suggestions: Please add rotation option in settings (for landscape and portrait mode) and also a Super Black option for AMOLED Phones. And also add Date and Month beside Day of week (which can be shown or hidden on click).
Kay M 2020-08-03

I really like this app because i have a computer but its not apple it\'s an acer chrombook 3, and i see all these people with apple laptops and thy have a flip clock and this app is like that, but for android computers... Def recomend
Nela Zikic 2021-01-04

This app is AMAZING,i love it so so so much,but the only thing that i would add,is that i can change colors in some other colors,but still,5 stars!!😊
cherrie ordillo 2021-02-24

Everything is simple and clean but i still have options. No ads. 🙂 I\'ve been thinking of buying a digital clock, but i keep postponing because of this app. 😅 Thank you very much!
Shreya-Anisha Mohammed 2021-01-25

It\'s a great app and aesthetic I currently working on my room to be aesthetic so this is the key thank you!
Iain O\'Connor 2021-02-01

Nice app. Unlike many that show a flip clock, this one actually flips, at least in the main app. The widget does not.
Bence Beöthy 2021-02-10

Great app, looks amazing, however it would be cool to be able to remap the widget click to the system clock app.
S\'mee 2020-11-10

Good but could do with true black amoled mode & option for activating via / as a screensaver.
Thomas Reed 2020-10-26

Straight up, it\'s a clock. Nothing fancy. It turn my phone into a clock, very helpful with work