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Zener Cards Perception Test



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Description of Zener Cards Perception Test

Do you like to improve your mystical abilities?

The Zener cards will help you to train and learn more about your intuition and perception. Karl Zener was a perceptual psychologist and designed the cards in the early 1930s to study the ESP – Extrasensory Perception, which he believed is a human mental power.

The test consists of a series of cards with five different symbols. You have to guess what is the hidden symbol behind each card.

Special Features of Zener Cards Perception Test:

• Choose to use different number of cards, from 25 till 1000, the more cards you use, the more accurate your result will be;

• Choose to do the test with seen or unseen cards, for more perceptive results;

• Elegant and intuitive interface with minimalistic design for better user experience;

• Just a single button to access everything you need during the test;

• A two colors indicator bar with unique design, to observe your progress, the green line indicates the right cards and red line indicates the wrong;

• Track your progress with the interactive results graphic;

• Choose among four different card colors;

• Zener Cards Perception Test is available in English, Portuguese and Bulgarian.

Start to train your intuition and clairvoyance with Zener Cards Perception Test and get better with each completed test!

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:1.1.3 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Vihart

User Reviews


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Vard Smbat 2020-09-23

This is an amazing app for testing one\'s intuition. It is easy to use , works allright in my device and does not take up too much space. Wonderful app
Nick Michael 2020-10-09

Great app for exploring your sixth sense (if you have one). Nice smooth graphics and easy to navigate and get going.
adi ben 2020-09-17

This app is very creative. Really helpful for improving your perception. Just download and try it really easy to use.
Aleksa Djordjevic 2020-10-08

Very useful app, Zener cards really Improves your intuition and perception, also nice design and easy to use.
Heidy Peidro 2020-10-24

The Zener cards helped me to train and learn more about my intuition and perception. Love it!!
UTSAV 2020-10-06

Best perception app for me. Good app with all faleatures. Best app overall. 5 stars
Ankita Budhwani 2020-10-12

Very helpful in preparation and instruction. No unnecessary ads
Pexy Doll 2020-11-13

I will play this test every day and my intuition will be improved greatly.
devarshi soni 2020-10-13

Very creative app with good features,very useful app,recommended to download
Time Investment 2020-11-22

Haha, that\'s a funny app. I have scored 12 out of 25 in the first run. Am I lucky or an Esper.