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Description of ZenFriend - Meditation Timer

Struggling to build and maintain a meditation habit?

This 5-star app helps you to build a meditation habit with guided meditations, a beautiful meditation timer, a worldwide community and a way to keep a record of how much you meditate all in the one place.

ZenFriend is simple, beautiful and easy to use.



- Guided meditations for beginners and advanced meditators

- Easy, customizable meditation timer with the ability to track sessions

- Keep a record of how much you meditate all in the one place

- Meditation Journal: Log your thoughts after each session (meditation diary)

- Soft bells and chimes to start and end your meditation session

- Choose 1, 2 or 3 sounds for your beginning and ending bells

- Meditation Tracker: See detailed stats around the number of sessions and average duration

- Add interval bells to customize your sessions

- Save your favorite configuration as Presets for easy access

- If you wish, set a daily or weekly reminder and be gently nudged

- A simple, easy to use an app not overloaded with features



- ZenFriend is a global meditation community, to make the world a better place

- Our vision is to build a useful meditation utility for practitioners

- We aspire to build a global community with possibly millions of users, to motivate and inspire one another

- While this app is inspired by Buddhist meditation, it is not a religious app. We support all forms of meditation.

- Our only purpose is to help people on their inner, spiritual path.

- We make our practice visible, and by doing so we inspire others.

- We don't evangelize. We do not aspire to convert anybody. Our practice is an offer, an inspiration. Everybody can decide to engage with this offer or not.

- An app can only be a tool. We are convinced that an app can be an excellent one. However, it can never replace actually going the path, which everyone has to do by himself.

- May we learn a new way of living.

- May all beings find inner peace and fulfillment.

- May all beings be free from harm and suffering.


We're always excited to hear from you!

If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please email us at hello@zenfriend.com

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.5.27 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Small-n-Tall

User Reviews


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A Google user 2016-04-08

I\'m gutted! I absolutely loved this until a few weeks ago. It\'s become very glitchy, and has crashed 10times this week. My phone has now told me it\'s slowing the whole system down so I\'ve had to uninstall it. I think the latest update has spoiled an amazing app. Please reinstate it to it\'s former glory
AK Bradley 2016-04-17

The best meditation app available Easy to use, with great flexibility for both self led and guided meditations, this beautiful app is now indispensable to me as an experienced meditator. The skill of meditation is the greatest gift I gave myself, it brings me peace, calmness, better sleep and the ability to dissolve grumpiness in this crazy, hectic world. I love my life more fully thanks to it and this is the perfect tool to help it along. Peace xxx
taiji heartwork 2015-11-14

Good A few bugs (the iOS version is much better) but still my favourite.
Ellen Maynard-Smith 2020-05-02

3.5 stars. I love this app. Its one I keep going back to. I\'ve been meditating consistently for 25 days now (my longest streak in the last 4 years!). This app is great even if you just use the free version: I personally don\'t need more than that. Unfortunately the app let\'s itself down with occasionally logging 0 seconds randomly and the inability to delete them. There seems to be a few technical issues there. However, if you contact the team, they are friendly and helpful.
Steelo 2018-12-21

I really dislike the used car salesmen of the app world & this is one of them. In fact, Every meditatuon app I\'ve tried is the same. They give a few days or 10 to try & then want a lot of money to continue. Rip off. I have many apps on my phone that I\'ve used a long time & don\'t have to pay anyone! Deleting this one.
Laurenz Jope 2018-08-09

I started a session and turned my screen off after 15 minutes the timer in the app was only at 5 minutes. That doesn\'t make sense
Aime Vihervaara 2018-04-11

Edit: changed to 5 stars, great customer support, thank you! Love the app, paid for the Pro features, but now they\'re locked again even though I\'m still paying the monthly fee!! Sent a mail but no response!! Please fix this 😞
A Google user 2019-01-01

it is the best timer for beginers and more advanced meditators
A Google user 2017-11-27

Fantastic meditation app.
Kanchala J 2018-08-02

It is great but since today I can\'t seem to save the duration of meditation I did :( I started the 10 day meditation challenge and it doesn\'t record that I did the meditation... Please fix!! I enjoy the app but not sure why it is not working since this morning