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Description of Zero21 Solitaire

Zero21 is a challenging game with a simple rule:

Try to stay between 0 and 21. It's not easy!

Zero21 Solitaire is a fun numbers game with solitaire flavor to relax and unwind while keeping your mind sharp.

Collect all the number cards on the board while keeping your sum between 0 and 21. But be careful! Zero21 Solitaire is more difficult than you think.


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More Information Of Zero21 Solitaire

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:2.17 Publish Date:2022-06-10 Developer:Zynga

User Reviews


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Sanchit Magan 2020-04-25

I don\'t usually rate or review games on play store. But this is a common problem with many games this days. The game is okay. But after every level (where the level is hardly 20 seconds or so in starting) there is an ad which you cannot close untill you have watched about 10 seconds of it. I understand adding ads with incentives, to get coins / diamonds, but they have choice. I will be prepared to watch an ad. This kind of ad just comes up. Which is seriously irritating. DO NOT DO THIS.
Sadie Versio 2020-01-04

This app is super fun and entertaining, yet it still works out your brain a little. However there is an add after every game! Sometimes the adds are longer than the time you actually end up playing. I really do enjoy this game, but I think the creators are REALLY stretching the ability to say that to keep the game free, there must be adds. Otherwise great game, super fun! It really works for people who dont know how to play poker and other such games.
Brandon Odom 2020-01-09

Not a bad game but the amount of ads it has is unbelievable and annoying I mean I understand you gotta make some money but an ad after every level is ridiculous to say the least.
Trapslick 2020-01-25

Full ads in between plays, not short ones, but full 30 second ads 🙃 it will ask if you want a bonus by watching an ad, if you say no, you get the same ad, just no bonus. These people are out of their mind
Symon Mosforth-Pedlow 2019-10-03

Good game however, an advert after every level or every failed attempt is rather excessive and disturbs the playing experience. Restrict the amount of ads and the game will be much better
Dorky 2020-08-14

They literally make an impossible level just so you have watch ads to be able to beat it, and besides that before and after every level is an Ad, just constant ads. It\'s pretty clear that they just want your time so don\'t bother wasting your time downloading this game because it just wants to squeeze as much money outta you. If you wanna spend your time doing something this game is not the move.
Dylan Koh 2020-02-11

Was fun and all till you get an ad after every level. A game isn\'t a game when you spend more time on ads than the actual game. I know you guys gotta make money, but this amount of ads is just atrocious.
Randy Wilde 2020-06-02

The first purpose of the game is to bombard you with ads until you purchase the no ads option. After that, you still have to watch ads if you tap on the wrong area of the screen. The game is fun to play, but very repetitive. The cards are dealt randomly, so often there is often no winning solution presented {but you can watch ads to get around this!} You accumulate diamonds as you play which have no discernable purpose. Regardless, you can double your diamonds if you watch an ad!
Garett Shimer 2020-03-30

This game is riddled with ads. It also give you bonuses that require ads to use. The game also reaches a point where in order to clear a level you are forced to watch additional ads in order to win. Whoever designed this game had the sole desire to generate as much as revenue off of your time as possible. Complete waste of time
Seth Rewerts 2020-03-07

Game is ok... plays as advertised. Speaking of advertisement, the only way to play the game is to go completely airplane mode because there are so many ads. The levels seem to just repeat themselves after a while, nothing really gets harder. The only reason I failed any levels was because it\'s completely RNG as to whether or not a level can be beaten. Uninstalling after about 50 levels because there\'s nothing really good enough about the game to warrant my time being wasted on millions of ads.