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Description of ZOE: Interactive Story

In this role-play game you will be taking the place of Zoe, who discovers she is a witch.

As she struggles with her new powers she falls in love with a werewolf.

Help her make the right decisions, shaping the story as you play this interactive story.


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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:3.0.2 Publish Date:2022-05-11 Developer:Gameloft SE

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-01-26

One word, AVOID!!. This game is a scam. Episodes are too small which you can finish in 2-3mins. Bad thing is story evolves too fast even with these overly small episodes that you dont feel attached neither to story nor characters. And choices really dont matter. Even if you choose Matt and avoid Lucas, story will eventually force you to romance with Lucas and you keep wondering how it happened when u invested diamonds for Matt and avoided Lucas. So paying hefty money on diamonds is a total waste.
A Google user 2019-03-16

zoe is a very interesting story, I love the mystery and the adventure. I only wish you could do something different other than having to pay for more tickets, like you could watch a couple videos for 1 ticket. but yes this is a great app with great story\'s, thank so much for creating this app this is what I\'ve been wanting for a long time now.
Athena Eversole 2019-06-30

There are a few minor glitches hers and there, but overall it\'s a great game. The chapters are short but juicy, and they tell you your choices at the end if the chapter - and the percentage of players that chose that choice as well. There is about 10 seasons at the moment, so you can stay in the juicy world of Zoe and all of the crazy things in her life...
Betty Mathew 2020-12-10

This game is interesting, good graphics and this games includes animations which is the best. Cool storyline. This game includes tickets and diamonds. Tickets are used to get new episodes and diamonds are used when we choose options in the story. For f2p players, you can get 2 tickets after 1 hour for free. Otherwise you can buy tickets. You can earn 1 Diamond after completing an episode or buy. Highly recommended for people who likes to pay in games.
lili shnia 2020-06-11

This game is the best story game i\'v played ever!!! And i enjoy the stories, graphics and characterization😍 i also was playing jurneys but the only problem is that the game is to expensive 29 diamonds for just a dress? It just gives us maximum 4 diamonds after every episode! Giving less requesting so much. Because of that i installed a mod version and i get blocked😂 Consider these comments and let us enjoy by playing it. Thanks🙏
Vanessa McLymont 2020-04-20

Awesome!!....the graphic, motion everything is just perfect and the script couldn\'t have been any better....it\'s so amazing how one could come up with such and addictive way for youths and young adults to enjoy such an interesting story...the scenery, events, actions, this book is amazing....Just want to say thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought/idea to the rest of the world....
Rahhs Ahmd 2020-03-31

This was a good game more like a movie. really addictive and enjoyable, until episode 2 in Season 8. I couldn\'t continue the episode. Its kinda stuck. First I thought it was a problem with my device, Turns out it was a problem with the game. Because of this I wouldn\'t recommend this game... BUT YOU CAN ALWAYS TRY IT OUT FOR YOURSELF...😏... I really wonder if this happened to any other gamers 🤔🤔 Would love to here....
Cáren Emslie 2019-08-05

mildly enjoyable, not enough thought has gone into gameplay, as either choice has the same result, there is only one storyline. you can\'t go back and choose a different path, which is ultimately boring. the grammar is appalling and some lines are in Spanish... I mean really, have some self respect, this is a half baked idea!
Dynah Armada 2021-01-01

GREAT GAME FOR BUSY PERSONS! I only take 10-15mins breaks between study times, this is great and you can wait for the tickets while you study. You dont need to spend diamonds just to avoid the WORST ENDING. I mean, most of these interactive stories would require diamonds just to get a \"decent\" ending but this game is much more fun and \"interactive\".
A Google user 2019-01-13

I love this because unlike other interactive appz, this one shows you r choices at the end and lets you rate the episode. the free ticket wait isnt long and ive enjoyed my expierence so far