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Description of Zoho Meeting - Online Meeting & Webinar App

Stay connected on the go! Host or join a secure online meeting with up to 100 participants and collaborate with audio, video and screen sharing. Attend live webinars, participate in poll, interact with organizer using Q&A, and raise hand and talk during the webinar on organizer's approval.

Key Features

- A video conferencing app to engage up to 100 attendees

- Unlimited meeting duration

- Collaborate through audio, video, and screen sharing

- Conduct instant web meetings

- Schedule online conferences

- Sign in to view and start your upcoming meetings from anywhere

- Dial-in numbers to join online conferences through your phone

- Start and join cloud meetings easily through links

- Attend webinars from anywhere

- Participate in live polls during webinars

- Raise questions during webinars

Schedule and host secure online meetings

Sign in to your app. Tap 'Start' to the right of any scheduled meeting. To start an instant meeting, tap 'Meet Now'. Tap 'Invite participants' and share the invitation link or the meeting key with other participants. Use audio/video controls to enable and disable your microphone or to switch between front and rear cameras.

Join an online meeting

Tap the joining link shared with you on your mobile or sign in to the Zoho Meeting app and tap 'Join meeting'. Enter your name and meeting key, then tap 'Join'.

Join a webinar

Tap the joining link of your webinar from the registration confirmation email on your mobile. Join the webinar as an attendee in listen and view only mode.Interact with the presenter using the Q&A and raise hand options, and participate in polls during the webinar.


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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.1.8 Publish Date:2021-10-15 Developer:Zoho Corporation

User Reviews


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Naveen Kumar 2020-03-24

1) Too much battery drain and overheating even for a webinar. 2) For meetings even if I disable the video option after joining, front popup camera is not getting closed automatically. If I force close the front popup camera after disabling video option, Zoho meeting app abruptly exits. This is too much annoying. Model : OnePlus 7 Pro
G G 2020-05-20

The zoom app is light years better than this. The zoho app makes phone overheat and drain battery quick during usage. It does not cancel background noise. The audio is very bad. Upon entering room, you are not asked if you want to off your video or audio. Lastly the zoho webinar pricing is very expensive than zoom business despite being inferior. What a total rip off.
60.Padmini 2020-06-09

Update is 🤩. Front cam prob solved.Highly data consuming😨😫😓, my mob gets very hot,loses charge and data very soon🤯.Please fix it.. it would be much better.
john Prescod 2020-06-11

Your app is T-RASH‼️ I just missed a very important webinar because your app crashed over 10 times. I went to your website and even though I pre-registered a week in advance, it still kept asking me to re-register. All your IT said in the chat was it was an internal IT issue, they\'d get back to me, and then they dropped me from the chat. If I could give you a negative star rating I would. Thanks for nothing. Uninstalled, account being deleted.
Ms Najwa 1 2020-04-24

Why we cannot remove some attendees? The only option that we get when we press remove is \" No\" Do not remove!!!! Also the presenter should have control over the mute option. The attendees should not be in control of muting and unmuting.
Franco Colomba 2020-04-14

App is mehh... automatically opens the front camera and has no option to turn it off so I have to stick my finger on the front cam to block myself from being seen in calls then I have to manually turn it off. Also if you have weekly team calls it doesnt copy over the meeting ID of the new meeting and you have to remove the old ID and put the new one which is a pain in the butt...really makes me scratch my head why a company so big doesnt have all these little kinks fixed already.
Shiva Aditya 2020-06-30

The interface and ease of access is all good but there are few basic technical flaws 1. While switching to other apps, the speaker doesn\'t auto mute. Even if a call needs to be answered, the meeting audio doesn\'t mute 2. While sharing the app link to others, it doesn\'t bind the info line like meeting time, date duration etc. 3. \'Meeting room is full\' popup is seen whenever someone tries to join the meeting using the meeting link, even though only one person is currently in the meeting.
Neeraj Nath 2020-08-21

I didn\'t find any issues with respect to the connectivity. However the main issue I have faced is that, it really heats up the phone to an unusual level. I have used various apps but I was shocked to see that my phone\'s temperature rises up so high when I use this app. It\'s not at all optimised.
David Hill 2020-06-10

9/06/2020 - True to their word Zoho have released a new version with the missing functions. Great App. Being able to schedule and start meetings from within the app is a feature which is seriously needed. Our workforce use tablets and phones and starting a meeting from Chrome in desktop mode is a real inconvenience. Why is this feature available in IOS and not Android?
Divesh Sood 2020-07-23

Zoho really made this app from just a viewer to a full fledged experience. Now you can start and manage your meetings straight from within the app. Kudos to the team. Edit. With every update Zoho improves the app further. The app feels snappier than previous versions.