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Description of Zoho Writer - Document Editor

Simple, slick word processing app to write your heart out, bring your friends in and talk it over using comments. Sync docs across devices and access them wherever you go.


Writer is carefully designed to create a clean, blank paper-esque writing experience across your smartphone, tablet and computer. And it's free forever!



- Join discussions, even when you're away from your desk. Add your thoughts to documents, reply to friends' comments, or just appreciate them by clicking "like." Work together in real-time, with instant sync across your devices.


Create beautiful documents.

- Format your documents. Add images, tables, and more.


Writer plays well with others.

- Open and edit your Microsoft Word documents. Take stories off your world by exporting it as a Microsoft Word document, PDF, ODT, HTML, or TXT.


Work offline.

- Access and edit your documents without an internet connection.

Automatic backup.

- Forget clicking save, and forget backing up your documents. Your changes are saved as you make them.


What's stopping you now? Get started. Write away!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:5.2.7 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Zoho Corporation

User Reviews


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Mervyn H. 2020-05-16

Good replacement for Word for straightforward wordprocessing. A couple of niggly things would improve it. It would be good if it would open at a point in a document where it was last worked on. I have used the Search function to find full stops, then pressed the search backwards key to get to the point where I want to continue editing a document. Secondly I find it infuriating that the edit function can only be activated by first pressing the back key in the top left corner. Minor gripes.
Daniel McEwen 2020-08-07

It\'s a great app for writing, which I can use across multiple devices. It\'s got a nice grammar check that can be set to deal with formal and informal types of writing. There\'s also access to a host of other tools including email, finances and more, depending on your needs. Response to response: Automatically capitalize the first letter of each sentence for another star.
J 2020-05-30

It\'s a good app if you want to edit small texts. It\'s very basic. You can\'t format your text in pages, just work with one big block of text (notepad style) and you can\'t count words on selected text. Those are very basic features that it lacks, so it can be considered a good \"pro\" kind of notepad, but it\'s not enough to work with bigger, more complex documents. EDIT: This is a constructive critic. Don\'t hesitate to download this app. It\'s a good app plus it\'s free. I\'m sure it will be improved.
Abby TheSocialAnxietyRiddenFangirl 2020-10-03

I love the app, I can upload pictures, Write stories,other Amazing features. But there\'s one thing that I don\'t like, and you definitely need to fix. Might just be me but whenever I try to create a new document or open a previous one, it always says I need permission and I don\'t know how to fix that. I\'ve tried everything I know how to. It always says canceled or refresh, but when I do nothing works. So now I have all my stories broke down, yeah I can\'t access them. I now have no use of this app
Zoey Hover 2020-10-02

I have downloaded this app just now because I am looking for an alternative to Google Docs, and it seems like it will work just fine for what I need. But unfortunately it has one huge flaw for me, it has very few fonts, I would like it to have a function to download cool and crazy fonts and fancy cursive fonts like on Google Docs, but more importantly it doesn\'t have Times New Roman or Arial, which are the fonts I generally always use. Edit: It would be helpful if it had an offline function too.
Betsy Perrita 2020-11-25

I don\'t know why a simple word app can\'t be found in this play store, that isn\'t buggy or just works for a simple miscellaneous letter. When there are apps in here, that perform wonderful miraculous things that sometimes leave me in Awe, meaning awesome. And none of you guy\'s can\'t even create a simple letter writing app, that works. It\'s ridiculous. I would fire every single one of you. Even google docs fails the test. It\'s a strange pattern. I find it very unfortunate. I will uninstall now.
Tracy H 2020-04-18

This is really good! Full functionality and complete ease of access. Should have a higher rating by far. Thank you zoho I love your work
A Google user 2019-02-15

Awesome! Best document/word file creator/viewer/editor app (online & offline) from Zoho - a reputable company that respects user privacy. Google Docs, MS Word, etc. can\'t complete! Best yet: compatible with LibreOffice/OpenOffice .odt document format!
Peter Pancakes 2019-12-23

This app is incredibly basic. I can\'t find any style options found in the desktop version, and table of contents does not work either. The biggest problem is its struggle with large documents. Typing anything in the middle of the document brings the app down to its knees, and any sentence written during that instance will fail to appear after a certain length (fast typers, you know what I\'m talking about). The undo button is extremely inefficient as well, only doing one char at a time.
The Rocky KSA 2020-04-22

I like the response, I was just testing whether the customer service will be great after the customer criticises the app. I love this app from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Zoho for making this app.