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Description of Zombie Castaways

Experience living on a farm island side by side with friendly and adventure-loving zombies in Zombie Castaways! Here’s a list of things to never get bored in a zombie universe:

🗺 Travel through a diverse zombie world! A tour of Toys Island🧸, a ride through a hectic City of Humans👫, a space mission to Asteroid✨, adventures on the Safari Island🦁 - you name it, Zombie has got it!

🏝 Build your home island: choose from regular zombie farm fields and factories or world-famous landmarks - Eiffel Tower, Egyptian Sphinx, Louvre and more!

🏴‍☠️ Restore a huge pirate island and pursue a career of a zombie pirate with all well-known attributes: a noisy tavern, commissions from sea wolves, and faraway journeys!

🌾 Start your own zombie farm and grow the most unusual plants, fruits, and flowers - gather your first farm crops of boneberries, necropumpkins, eyeball peas and what not!

💞 Follow a moving story of the main character: will Zombie ever become a human for love of his life?

🤗 Meet cute zombie farm helpers and new friends: Amy (major spoiler: Zombie’s future girlfriend), Z.Chief (a local celebrity), Diana Jones (Zombie’s BFF), zombie woodcutters and stoneminers, treasure hunters and cooks!

📱Long story short, forget what they told you about zombies before! Welcome to fun farm and adventures in Zombie Castaways! 🌟


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More Information Of Zombie Castaways

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:4.41.2 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:VIZOR APPS LTD.

User Reviews


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Amy Lorentz 2020-08-03

I loved this game. Graphics are great. But now it won\'t open. I did all the troubleshooting but it didn\'t help. So I unistalled and reinstalled, praying my game would still be saved. It was, but the game just crashed again. Guess I have to give up. UPDATE: Game is working again. Developers are extremely responsive, which I appreciate. Thanks!
Elizabeth Gingras 2019-09-06

Great game, islands are many to enjoy. Problems ( glitches) are dealt with and fixed quickly. Every now and then are awesome surprise\'s This is a game you will love and never want to but down. I never leave home with out it.
martha 2021-01-27

Been playing since 2016. Never bought Z dollars sorry but I watch videos once in a while for support. Tortuga is great. It helps me refill tools for free before return back to Island after exploring treasure (Although I have 33 wells and thousands of quartz in stock already hehe) Finding Treasure Trove also no big deal since I found out the easiest way to find it. Edit: Level 10 Tortuga for months now. No new update?
Tandy McClellan 2020-04-08

Cute so far, easy to progress, I don\'t feel the need to uninstall the game from being forced to pay to play which I feel breaks the spirit of the game! So, while it does have timers on things I don\'t feel they are ridiculous. I will gladly buy to support the furthering and development of games I enjoy! However if they are greedy & make it difficult to progress unless you pay I\'ll just uninstall but so far that\'s not the case. My choice not forced or I am out!! I love my cute little zombie!
Jean Lazelle 2019-05-30

FUN, FUN, FUN, and always something to do to keep your islands Productive and growing. This is by far my most favorite game. About once a month there is a special bonus island to explore , gather goods from, to build proiects and complete quests. I really love Zombie Castaways and you will enjoy it too, just give it a chance With sincerest gratitude, Lori J. Lazelle
Aimee Anderson 2020-06-27

Great game and they help you with issues in a timely manner. I was a little confused with some things that changed with the update but it was resolved right away. I love this game it is fun to clear islands, and decorate them, and build up supplies. Also the new islands released every so often keep it from getting monotonous. I even got my sister hooked on it.
Kathy Chàpman 2020-08-04

i enjoy it! Been playing it for years! Only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because it takes too long to get enough tools, and sometimes I cant see all of the island before it goes away! I hate missing out on all that hard work you have created, only for me to miss it! Also, quartz is not available on most islands to build extra wells.
Lulu belle 2020-03-31

This game is soooo cute!! I love it lol. Having a blast! You get to start out with a decent amount of stuff, plus there is tons of random boxes and items to open that gives you supplies. You can earn bucks by completing achievements,, leveling up, signing into Facebook and many other ways, so that makes me happy because on these types of games you usually have to buy a bunch of stuff and with this one... If you\'re careful and spend wisely, it will last a long time.
Joan\'Z JEMZ 2020-12-26

This is a fun game. You can play this game without the constant need to spend real money and still have fun. If you do want to make a purchase the price is reasonable and the help it gives you is worth it. My tip: use your zombucks to buy brainy helpers. You\'ll need cooks through out the game, so if you have to choose, choose cooks. You will also need Hunters and Fishermen.
Ashley Teets 2020-11-08

Was great and then all of a sudden it stopped working. Won\'t open past the game company logo. Shuts down sometimes as soon as I tap the icon. Very displeased. Tried restarting my phone. Nothing works. Been trying all day. Finally gave up. Uninstalled and I do not recommend this game due to this being an apparent ongoing issue. Sad. I really like it up until this.