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Description of Zombie City : Shooting Game

A latest zombie shooting game, choose your gun and survive in the last day on earth.

This is a city that has been invaded and destroyed by zombies. Living in the city means that it will be infected sooner or later. To survive, choose your gun and escape from this dangerous city!

Hesitation and kindness are the same as death When into the dead. What you need to do is keep shooting and kill all the zombies in your vision. Timely replenishment of ammunition, placement of fire-fighting devices, endless shooting is the only choice!

There are several survivors in this abandoned city. You are not a savior, so you need their help to escape the city. Look for these survivors, fight alongside them and form a doomsday survival team.

Food, guns and DNA supplements are essential to ensure survival, and if you can find items such as gasoline, first aid kits, generators, etc., you may be able to further improve and improve your quality of life.

In this difficult journey of survival, you will also receive many surprises: when surrounded by zombies, use the petrol barrel left by the corner to clear out an open space in the explosion, thus fleeing the zombie's encirclement; accidentally found a dilapidated tank, after you and your teammates cover each other and fight for a certain time to repair the tank, this weapon will use your powerful firepower to protect you and destroy the zombies; in a few fine weather, the airdrops will be distributed to this abandoned city, you need to grasp this precious opportunity, try to collect these materials, fully arm yourself and improve your combat effectiveness.

Survivor, are you ready to step into this journey of survival? "Zombie City : Survival", you choose to take up guns to fight for survival, or give up hope, immersed in this dead sea. The decision is in your hands, pick up your gun and experience the true coolness of this third-person shooting game!

Realistic FPS: Sniping zombies in the last day

Play as a zombie shooting survivor and fight to survive in the zombie city!

A large group of zombies are coming! Face the zombies and exercise your sniper shooting skills in every survival mission ! Experience a real shooting journey in FPS battle!

Different zombies and guns

Zombie City is a third-person zombie shooting game with 7 combat chapters, 70 shooting combat missions, many special events and bonus battles. Zombie shooting time is up!

Choose your favorite from more than 30 powerful guns, M16, 98K, AK47, SPAS12, AWM, etc. You can even modify your guns! Upgrade the sniper ammo and magazine capacity to guarantee your chance of winning in this zombie shooting game.

Third-person shooter

In this zombie shooting game, fight as a sniper elite, aim, attack and shoot, and feel the adrenaline of fighting. Keep your finger on the trigger, aim and shoot to ensure your survival in this realistic third-person shooter game, you must shoot undead zombies in battle! Defeat all enemies in this strategic deadly war RPG challenge! Participate in this action shooting game and become a survivor hero fighting undead zombies in the FPS shooting battlefield!

Zombie shooting is your battlefield. Ease and peace are over: In this deadly FPS zombie shooting battlefield game, as a survival hero, will you escape every monster or fight bravely? In these action and strategy shootout games, pull the trigger, start shooting and kill Royale zombies!

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.5.3 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:JoyMore GAME

User Reviews


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Master Buten Laki Uten 2020-02-26

Would\'ve been a great game. Great graphics and gameplay. But they are always forcing you to buy their expensive online items on shop using the real money and will not proceed to the game if ur not going to purchase anything which makes me feel very disappointed on this game. And now im deleting it
Mike Anderson 2020-01-17

Amazing Game!But realy needs to be able to upgrade wepons faster!I got to chapter 4-2 and cant go on untill my gun is more powerfull!Thats unfair man!The game its self is killer and cant wait untill i can go on to the next levels,want to fight that beast in the previue!Thank you for all the great Zombie games!Keep up the great work.
Louis Menville 2020-01-25

Now I notice that the touch screen is hard sometimes to go back,it\'s horrible,it\'s fine if you won\'t update the game,maybe i will fallback,thanks
Eugene Berry 2020-05-27

I thought you said you have made it easy to acquire weapons but I have not seen it yet. Your game is a great game but if you are so interested in your money, it won\'t get high rating cos it will be a game you can never beat without paying money for weapons. After stage 2 , every mission needs upgrade and if you don\'t you can\'t play the next mission. CAN\'T YOU INTRODUCE A \" PLAY ANYWAYS\" OPTION EVEN WHEN WEAPONS ARE NOT UPGRADED. LET THE UPGRADES BE THE DECISION OF PLAYERS NOT THE GAME.
Edisorus Rex 2020-04-30

Good game but, needs some work. For some reason, when I get to the \"gather supplies\", I can open the boxes, etc, but can\'t pick up the supplies. The \"pick up\" icon doesn\'t come up. It did on one item but wouldn\'t collect it. Would love to play it all the way, once the problems are fixed.
Lee Montgomery 2020-10-25

Game started out great! Game is fun but now there are ads between every single section. Main menu to weapon menu, ad. Weapon menu to main menu, ad. Main to mission, ad. Also have to spend money to get further than level 5. I have almost a million collected coins but can\'t buy new weapons without real money (must have more powerful gun to advance). I want to continue playing this game but the ads and lack of being able to get further without money sucks.
MeyVerTEK PTY LTD 2020-08-04

Very glitchy but I like the idea. Just the fact that the one mission has an objective to headshot 5 nonexistent zombies. And that the \"protagonist\" sometimes just doesn\'t shoot, he just runs towards them. And the sniper, come on who uses a sniper if the enemy is already in your face?! Especially considering he has the other options available.
Zade Zedd77 2020-10-10

It\'sagoodgame but I see a potencial cash grab here. U cant get past chapt 3 bc u dont hv enough blueprints to get guns that r required to get to the next chapter. Its funny u\'ve finished a lot of missions, dont forget to mention the other tasks from daily challenges & all that the blueprints r none. I got to chapt 3 bc I logged in daily for daily rewards for T2 & T3 guns. After dat well nope. There\'s no way without buying guns. I <3 dis game bc it reminds me of tlofu a lil & damn like deadtrig2
Richard Neal 2020-08-11

I would love to give this game 5 stars would have easily earned them however this is what stopped me when I get to chapter 3 stage 2 BP requirement and that would not be a problem except I fully upgraded the shotgun and assault rifle and sub machine gun\'s I have no way to get another gun because of your developers having blue print drawings rather than a normal weapon drawing and we only at most if lucky get 1 drawing at most cash grab kills potential for this.
Asa J 2020-03-29

Game is pretty good. I love it But characters are kind of hard to control. Awesome graphics. Story is kinda dull. But in all a good game. You guys should try making an open world game . Will be mind-blowing