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Description of Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS

Zombie Frontier 3 is one of the best action-killing and zombie shooting games recommended by Google Play! Enjoy this shooting survival by being a sniper hunter and killing them in this FPS action game.

A dangerous killing virus has mutated humans into walking dead zombies, this lethal virus spread out causing zombies outbreaks and humans are in immediate danger of a gory death. Survivors must fight in a zombie shooting war to the death... Turn yourself into a zombie shooter and make the streets your battlefield! Attack and kill the target in this zombie-shooting war game and defeat the shooter and sniper. Achieve the best sniper headshot in this zombie army killing game! Ready to shoot?

Challenge inside a zombie attack world in this killing action FPS strategy battle! Train your gun shooter skills as a survivor in frontline fighting for your survival: Enhance your arsenal of the army and battle weapon and face zombies shooting as an elite sniper hunter with the best guns in this dead zombie FPS action shooting game! This lethal battlefield war has only one target, stop the horror zombie apocalypse. Save the frontier in these zombie war shooting games!


Best zombie war shooting game: ZOMBIE FRONTIER 3 action shooter FPS provides graphics in a realistic 3D apocalypse world, unmissable if you are a fan of FPS fighting action and army games.

Take on the role of a zombie shooting survivor targeting the undead zombie attack and shot as a sniper hunter your way to victory with more than 120 FPS action levels! A horde of fighting zombies is upon you! Test your sniper shooter army skills in a last-stand war mission and survive the dead apocalypse! Live the experience of a squad of elite military soldiers in a FPS action combat!


ZOMBIE FRONTIER 3 is placed in a 3D action-killing and shooting games FPS walking dead zombies apocalypse with 5 boss battles, 60 sniper special forces missions, and 2 DLC map, many mobile support levels and regular events across numerous shooter battlefield. It's zombie shooter time!

Choose from more than 30 powerful attack sniper guns with which to head into apocalypse battlelands combat. Kill your assassin enemies with an MP5, AK47, HK 416, or a powerful grenade. There is not enough arsenal or bullets at the frontline battlefield war challenge. The strategy is to target the undead enemy squad and go for the headshot! Survive in this shooting and killing FPS war battle!

Upgrade ammo and attack assassin weapons of your sniper killer arsenal to increase your survival battle headshot chances in the battlefield in this action shooter fighting shoot-out and killing games. The walking dead zombie apocalypse may have happened, but there is no reason to give up the FPS battle: You are a zombie shooting survivor killing the undead in this FPS action shooting game!


Plan your FPS army war strategy. Prepare for the dead shooting sniper assault. Fight, target, kill, and shoot-out as a sniper hunter in this zombie attack action apocalypse FPS. Keep your finger on the trigger of your gun, aim and shot to ensure your survival in this FPS zombie shooter survival with impressive sniper special forces arsenal: The undead survivor must be eliminated in combat and you must remain as survivor! Defeat every enemy squad in this strategy lethal war challenge! Take part in this action kill shooter strategy game and become a survivor hero fighting against the undead plague in a gun FPS shooting battlefield and survive in zombie killing games!

The zombie shooting apocalypse legends is your battlelands. Best days are gone: Will you escape from every zombie or headshot your way out as a survival hero in these FPS lethal zombie hunter shooter games? Pull the trigger and start army shooting and killing royale zombies in this action and war gun games!

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More Information Of Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS

lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.41 Publish Date:2021-10-22 Developer:FT Games

User Reviews


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adrian p 2020-07-11

The fact that after a 10 mins of playing you are forced to pay only to be able to beat the next levels ( the beginning levels ) makes me reconsider spending time with this game. @developers: you are too greedy, and you are willing to loose players in favor of few dolars. And the fact that the commercials can\'t be closed, and are popping themselves ... that\'s not even annoying, it\'s spamming. In fewer words, there are better zombie games. Thanks. Bye.
Malan Marais 2020-10-07

Great game once you get the hang of it. Too many ads though and if you get right to the end, there is a glitch. Your screen goes dark and you can\'t see anything and you get killed within seconds. FIX this issue and you have a very good game. There is even a glitch in the game where you can get 12000 pieces of gold with ease, but that I will keep to myself until the end glitch is sorted ;)
Ayush Sarkar 2021-01-14

Amazing zombie shooting game with wonderful graphics.Probably one of the best zombie shooting games available on android.Just the screen needs a little more optimization for my brand new Redmi Note 7 Pro having screen of 6.3 inches width.The only problem I that the arrow button and several buttons to select missions is hard to touch within the screen.EDIT:Thanks for optimising the game for my device.Your game deserves 5 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, nothing less than that.Love it💖💖.
Josh Newby 2019-02-11

game is just too hard without spending money. DO NOT DOWNLOAD this game unless youre prepared to spend a fortune to make any progress on a game with sega genesis graphics. its ridiculous, its not like its a game for ps4 or something its a lame little free app game for your phone. they are way to pushy with the p2p. silly gimic. dont do it. plenty of better games that you can actually progress in without dropping cash every other day
A Google user 2018-10-12

The last level with boss with a reward of 30,000. The Boss was staying in the corner area and not following instead to the small zombies aa per i saw in my companion. I made up to clear all zombies until the end but cannot finish due to the Boss still remaining in his area which i cannot see in my last position and to hit him. Thatswhy its useless always to play in the laat level with boss. Is there anything i can do.
Bradlee Dodman 2020-10-18

The least you could do if you\'re going to flood a game with ads is give people the choice to pay to stop the ads. I mean, if you want people to have incentive to buy imaginary game currency, at least make it worth while to support your game to remove ads too. Also, it\'s not fair to make all the best guns cost gems. But that\'s pretty typical for a phone game these days.
Brandon Roderick 2020-06-05

Great game but the money you have to spend is outrageous to get anywhere. Love the game but have to put bad stars. I\'m stuck, spent my money well and only played for a few days. Cant get anywhere without spending $20. I\'m good at the game but $$ is where it\'s at on this one, disappointing.
Jose Santiago 2019-12-23

I really like this game and would rate it higher but I can\'t get anywhere it stopped giving me double points no more gems to buy things I spent about 50 bucks on this game so far and the weapons need to be upgraded and the only way to do that is to put out more cash its impossible to get the points that i need now I am going to suckered in to dishing out more $$$$. Now I am really starting to dislike this game I downloaded an app to get more gems it side to play this game to level 24 and receiv
aatu kettunen 2020-09-27

best zombie game ever. i know, alot of people complaining about ads, turn off wifi. thats so easy. if you complain about having to spend money, actually you dont have to spend any single nickle. so calm down. its a good game. the developers have to get money so they put ads. the developers have to get money, so they put ingame purchases. so what?
Ryan Creagh 2021-01-19

Pay to play. This is the worst offender in this category that I\'ve ever downloaded. Maybe you can play one or two 30 second levels. But it would take months, if not years, of daily play to save up enough to advance through the first map without cash purchases or signing up for other promotions. You also can only pay a few ~30 second rounds at a time before it asks you to pay to continue. Or wait 6 minute PER game.