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Description of Zombie Gunship Survival - Action Shooter

Survive the apocalypse and play this zombie survival game. Unleash hellfire into the dead from your gun ship seat in the AC 130. In a world where most of the population turned into zombies, a few survivors fight the zombie horde attacks from a military operations base.

Build up your defenses in your base as the last shelter for survival. Help your ground troops complete their objectives from your ac 130 gunship. The zg survival of your squad against the walking zombies rests on your shoulders. Become a legendary weapon collector!

Equip your AC 130 gunship with undead effective weapons and upgrade them for more damage and spread your war wings! Shoot zombies from above to defend your army. Loot precious resources, gold and other rewards, bring them back to base and build your defense to repel zombie assaults in this zg survival game


- Provide air support for your troops from a mounted gun against the dead hordes of zombies. Plan your mission before deploying your troops to achieve maximum efficiency

- Play Assault, Demolition, Sniper and Scout and equip realistic weapons

- Military accurate infrared night vision. Realistic and upgradable weaponry and challenging first person shooter combat scenarios from your gunner seat.

- Zombies with several terrifying abilities threaten your squad’s safety. Hard to kill titan zombies will be a challenge to your shooter abilities and pose a risk to zg survival.

- Collect gold and other rewards to build better defenses in your shelter. Upgrade your tower defenses, barricades, weapons and guns to defend your army base against zombie assaults in this zombie shooting game.

- Shoot the most zombies using different weapons in weekly events for legendary rewards!

- Play with a vibrant community. Discuss shooter game strategies with friends.

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Parental guide

Zombie Gunship Survival is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use these features, please disable in-app purchases in your Google Play settings. According to our Terms of Service, Zombie Gunship Survival is allowed for download and play only for persons 16 years or more of age, or with explicit parental consent. You can read more here: http://www.flaregames.com/parents-guide/FESFES.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.6.40 Publish Date:2021-10-27 Developer:Flaregames

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-12-16

Been playing for some time nowso its been fun. Of course you need too spend real money too advance faster and further but I\'m making it and having a good time. Fun, good graphics, & it takes up some free time. lost 300 gold bar\'s, not sure what\'s up with that, haven\'t had any glitches it\'s been loading and runing good. Having trouble with obtaining the little bolts so i can fuse weapons. having to wait 3 hours to open a crate is frustrating but all in all a fun game.
Chris Snyder 2020-08-23

Normally, any game with a \"pay to win\" strategy incorporated is an immediate pass for me, but i gave this a shot based on positive reviews and I wasn\'t disappointed. While you can make purchases to speed things up, the game is fully playable without paying a dime and you can continue to play while your loot crates are counting down. It isn\'t as though you encounter a level that just cannot be passed without paying. At least, not so far and I\'m about 20 levels into the game. Very well made
Duval Jones 2021-01-21

Once you complete the maps that were designed to be completed by non-payers this game pretty much becomes pay to win. Your entire experience in the game is RNG if you\'re not paying. It will take you a lifetime to get any decent weapons. I\'m stuck using a purple and blue version of the FIRST cannon you get in the game. I\'ve never gotten to enjoy any of the other weapons. All you get are useless grey versions, and I heard the drop rates are so low you won\'t see one if you don\'t pay. Uninstalled.
Jknows 2020-07-09

Great game until you get really into it. Pretty much same as other state. The whole weapon upgrade is a mess and slow. Have to change it up. You have something good here. Just get some more creative minds and imagination. If it was me use the game mobile app to collect user feedback and start a new VR platform like Quest . Make more money that way. Actually sitting in the gunner seat sounds good doesn\'t it? Then you won\'t have to ask for much cash to upgrade in mobile and you can enjoy the game.
Flip daddy 2020-08-09

The game is really alot of fun and it\'s not mandatory that you spend real money. Will it make the time u spend playing the game a little more fun faster?? Yeah, I guess it probably would but I decided a LONG time ago that spending \"real\" money on any of the games I play on my phone was just something that wasn\'t gonna happen and it hasn\'t NOW if I could only demonstrate the same amount of resolve in the video poker industry that I have in this one I\'ll be a far happier man. It\'s a fun game.
John Ramey 2020-04-19

Decent game ruined by poor progression design. Once you get to around level 10, you basically can\'t advance without spending a bit of money, and even then you\'re limited to grinding for XP and weapon upgrade parts. The designers really need to redo the level progression - then it would be a great game. Otherwise it\'s fun for a few levels and then you want to quit. No one needs another \"job\", grinding out for hours just to be able to level up.
Gm K 2020-10-08

Decent game but you CANNOT ADVANCE without spending a lot of money. I just want games you can buy and be done with it. These app designers have absolutely ruined games for phones / tablet. this game , I would spend $5 -$10 a week and still consistently hit the dead end road block. Can\'t open reward crates without real money 💰 so my armory is always full . Greed kills fun. Now I\'m uninstalling because I cannot advance without spending money . No more lame zombie game
Robert Carr 2019-05-11

Fun game when it works but developer couldnt care less. The game is fun but the developers long ago lost interest in updating it with new challenges. Weekly \"events\" to earn weapons are a joke. Half the time the \"events\" don\'t work, 98% of the time the weapons are useless. Game seems mostly a platform for commercials for other, often astonishingly lame, games. Sadly, the developer has no apparent interest either in user feedback or reacting to known bugs.
TheLachdonan 2020-12-16

Absolutley brilliant! Amayzing graphics, amayzing sound/voice. the zombies should make a sound or something, but take in consideration, the action is from the combat plane so at least when the soldier(s) talks on the radio\"im wounded , cover or something like that , you could put some zombie sound in the background of the radio, just a suggestion. Keep up the good work guys !
Niels Klein 2021-01-22

Addictive and challenging. Not an easy game to finish. I like that it\'s a not pay to win game. They have regular challenges for rewards and keep it versatile. I feel like the developers listen to the community very well about their feedback and use it to improve the game. Update 1/22/21 still agree with my review