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Description of ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games

There is nothing more exciting than shooting in beautiful zombie games. And if you’re looking for shooting games to play anytime and anywhere, without the internet, without paying to win, why don’t try our ZOMBIE HUNTER - Offline Games?

From the creator of famous offline zombie shooting games such as ★Dead Target, Sniper Zombie, Dead Warfare, or Mad Zombies★, Zombie Hunter - Offline Games, has been designed to be the next game-changer. It is definitely not one of the bunch of zombie shooting games out there. We’re here to bring you one of the best free shooting games offline you've ever expected.

ZOMBIE HUNTER - Offline Games is another combination between Dead zombie shooting & Apocalypse, except that you will shoot zombies offline through really challenging game matches. Thus, in the beginning, you might feel it’s kind of similar to some zombie shooting games. Don’t worry, it is much simpler but only better! Shooting zombies into the dead is all you need to do if you want to live among the walking zombies by daylight. Play campaigns, aim targets, and fire to prove that you are the most excellent zombie hunter in offline shooting games.


This intense game is easy to learn to play. You will have fun for hours with endless shooting mode to train your skills as a zombie hunter on a variety of dead targets and mad zombies. Zombie hunter is a fearless shooting hero.


The zombie virus is unpredictable and dangerous. Fat zombies, jumping zombies, mad zombies, and toxic unkilled zombies are everywhere, there’s no place to hide. In ZOMBIE HUNTER - Offline Games, there’re zombies that can crawl on the floor and the ceiling. They can come to you at any time. So, be aware! The main rule of surviving in this world is shooting all zombies till the last day on the planet!


Most zombie shooting games require wifi or an internet connection to play. But when you decide to download offline shooting games, you might soon be disappointed with their low-quality graphics. Don’t mind, Zombie Hunter - Offline Games is at your service! This zombie game is a great time killer game for your phone or tablet. With super nice graphics and cutting-edge android technology, it will surprise you with shooting effects that are realistic and stunning in different gameplays. Save more data and play offline games!


Zombie Hunter is one of the top zombie games that have diversity in weapon systems such as sniper, cyber gun, pistol gun, bow, machine gun, and more. Grab guns, keep a finger on the trigger, and shoot to protect your life in this addictive offline game. Killing is no more difficult in these offline shooting games. This zombie game gives you a cyber environment to use different shooting tactics in an open world of zombies! Kill zombies with a single trigger and stay alive! Unlock an arsenal of zombie shooting weapons such as machine guns and drones!


Hunters also need to build their shelters to ensure that they can survive through the world war zombie's tough time. A shelter is a place that can provide you with stuff that is crucial to join shooting campaigns and fight against zombie raids! Death is coming to humans no matter by daylight or night, and no one can assure your life.

Download Zombie Hunter - Offline Games now! Get this fun offline game for FREE and ready to kill all the dead targets. If you want to socialize with other players in-game, don’t hesitate to join Leaderboard (online mode) and gain amazing rewards. A lot of awesome zombie shooting matches are waiting for you, so play now and explore all the great features this offline game has to offer. Enjoy as offline shooting games for free are the most fun games to play!

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More Information Of ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.30.2 Publish Date:2021-10-31 Developer:VNG GAME STUDIOS

User Reviews


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David Douglass 2020-11-09

I can only give one star due to how much it just seems that this game was just a cash grab. Limiting melee options and making people pay for it? Forcing people to grind \"weapon power\" in the first campaign? I gave it a fair chance, played like 30 minutes and was disgusted. This could of been a good game. But instead they are trying to milk every dollar. Ive seen better. Stop charging for melee for god sakes. Make a good game and people will be willing to pay money. This is just bad.
Todd Labonte 2021-02-07

I wasn\'t sure what to expect, but It\'s an amazing game! great mix of resource management, shooter,and role-playing mechanics,the controls and haptic feedback are PRECISE, and the graphics are great! Just like everyone else says, you have a choice between spending money..or not, this game is NOT \"pay to win\" AT ALL.There are so MANY ways to earn gold/items for free that it doesn\'t even feel like grinding, Id give a 10/10 if possible! Runs great on cheapo phones! will spend money on the game soon!
Deon Gibson 2020-11-21

What we have here folks is a ripoff of another game, Left to Survive. This game is exactly the same in every aspect as the original. There\'s only a few minute differences. Same layout, concept, and gacha system. Yea, you\'ll have your fun, but that will quickly dissolve when you realize how terrible the progression is in these games. The quality of the game is also inconsistent which is obvious looking at the heros compared to the robots previews. Save your money and time with this one people.
尺尺Gaming\'s 2020-12-29

I 1st downloaded this game a while back & played the very 1st level. I was like \"it\'s super nice the graphics & all but the levels are too short & easy\". Little did I know the levels get longer & harder. Now that I tried it again looking for an offline game I see it\'s UNBELEIVABLY good. I judged it wrong big time. The game is off the hook I absolutely love it. THANK\'S for giving us such an AWESOME game free. There\'s options to pay for stuff but only if you want to, not needed. I\'m gonna though.
Rich Hannaford 2020-11-07

I played the game for a few minutes and wasn\'t impressed. Its a revamp of Dead Target mixed with a dash of Call of Duty 2 zombie mode. The controls are not smooth , the graphics are so-so , the devs are not generous with the gold bars (1/vid). My summary , its a weak attempt at a knockoff , and its pay to win. I would not recommend this to a friend. I gave a 3* rating. 1*-BGM , 1*-for the walkthrough , and 1*- for keeping my attention longer than 5 minutes.
Samantha Bueno 2021-01-11

I spent money on this app ( and at the moment I\'m at home not working due to having covid) this app was amazing at first then I had to update it. That\'s when it didn\'t let me open the app. So I had to reinstall it when I went back in everything erased nothing backed up all the money I spent didn\'t save nothing. I reached out and they said they were going to help but haven\'t heard anything back. I would like my credit back that I didn\'t enjoy using since everything erased
nothingbutfinest Culler 2021-02-22

The reason why I gave this ring because y\'all do not give out more gold to upgrade the town to upgrade our guns or to get better guns what is we need more goals in the free video or every time we complete a mission oven and it will be a five-star maybe you all get this done then it\'ll be alright
Richard Boccius 2020-07-29

Anyone giving this game 1 or 2 stars is just wrong and unfair. This game is just kinda young, though has awesome potential. The graphics are awesome and the sound effects are amazing and unique for a mobile app. I\'d like to see more development with competitions and game modes, including pvp, however I am happy to wait. Excellent game in the marketplace right now!
Nick Draves 2020-06-13

Very excellent game. I love all the different types of zombies, but one thing this game could use is a headshot bonus because that\'s always a plus and makes you go for the head. At least like a 10 or 20 dollar bonus per headshot. Please consider this because a lot of games have a headshot bonus. I like the combo bonus but the headshot bonus would be better. Thank you. Awesome game though.
paul vincent nicha 2021-01-12

Sadly I rated this game before very poorly even though I like this game alot, due to some issues I\'ve encountered. But with the good response I received from the developer, I\'m revising my rating to 5 stars. This game is awesome and highly recommended.