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Description of Zombie offline Sniper Games

Get ready to feel the thrill in action-packed FPS zombies shooting game, which is a combo of free sniper and zombie game. Enjoy your shooter game by being a pro-sniper and defeat big fat zombies and enemies in this challenging first-person shooter game-play.

We have updated offline sniper shooter game with catchy theme and zombie mode. This is thrill-packed free FPS game for shooting 3d games lover. Play sniper shooter 3d game which is designed to fulfill you realistic shooting zeal.

To develop perfect shooting skills, four iconic modes are added in sniper game including campaign, zombie, brave and arcade modes. Save the city by being a pro-shooter in campaign mode of the sniper game and defeat the opponents. Protect innocent people from big fat zombies of the new game and be a hero in zombie mode of the sniper shooter game before time ends. Be brave in the third mode of the new game, as this brave mode is to get rid form the opponents of the gun games. Suspense and action are added in 7 thrilling levels for players. Never escape the running target of sniper shooting game in the last mode of the action games named as arcade mode.

Embark on a rigorous journey of sniping with new sniper 2021 games. For this, we have added 15+ advance arsenals from M2 classic weapon to spade making this amongst best gun game. Select bullets of your choice in this shooting game and keep enjoying unique features of the offline sniper game.

Our gun game unique features hit 50 million worldwide players who love to play & enjoy this zombie shooting game. In offline games category, this FPS shooter game is full of action and thrilling game package. Stunning 3d visuals effects are additional trait of new game for good shooting experience.

Dangerous Campaign Mode of Sniper Game

Let’s have fun in sniper shooter game campaign mode thrill. This gun game mode has 35 levels with distinctive names and objectives. Every next level is going to be challenging for all the players of this one of the best games. Be ready to have sniper shooting to gun game experience, as it is really thrilling shooter game. Never let criminals to get escape in this one of the best sniper game.

Survival Zombie Mode in Free Games

Get ready to hunt down the zombies in new games 2021. Sniper shooting lovers will have endless fun in the gun game mode. Players need to save people from foe species under the big fat zombie of sniper games. Action games 2021 is going to challenge for you this time so, keep your guns loaded to save the city from zombies and be real hero.

Addictive Brave Mode of Sniper Shooting Gun Game

Stop being coward in this shooting game, acknowledge as legend sniper shooter of free games. Pass 7 stages with your real shooting passion. Victor, be brave in this mode of offline games 2021 like a warrior.

Inspiring Arcade Mode of FPS Action Games

Champs buckle up to combat in the arcade mode of new game 2021. Zombie's horror is all around in this shooting mode. Daring snipers like you can defeat the real enemies of the shooting games. Moreover, you're here to save the city from zombie's in sniper action games. Dare to win in offline games where you can show sniping skills & play sniper shooting game without internet.

Features of the Sniper Shooting FPS Game

- Download sniper shooting game for free

- No internet needed to play offline gun game

- 15+ weapons in sniper games to choose

- Select bullets of your choice in new game

- Buy lot of in-app items like sniper arsenals, shooting bullets coins

- Realistic visual and sound effects of gun shooting

- Easy controls with lot of sniper mission

- Zombie mode makes this gun game more amazing.


This is completely free game but, some game items can be bought for real money. You can disable the ads' ability to make in-app purchases in device settings at any time.

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More Information Of Zombie offline Sniper Games

lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.05 Publish Date:2022-01-02 Developer:GAMEXIS

User Reviews


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Timothy Lovell 2019-12-23

Great time passing fun , thanks for making such a amazing shooting game hope too see more like it in the future maybe with more roof top action 😉 better guns but it\'s a good start thank u again
Calvin Crenshaw 2019-12-18

Good sniper game!! I have enjoyed playing it. Game play is pretty straight forward. Headshot the bad guys.
Lance W. 2019-05-08

Too many ads. You spend most of your time playing this game waiting for loading. Only has 37 missions. 2 hours and you are done. Don\'t waste any money on this. Dialog is beyond bad. Script reads like a badly translated \"B\" movie. My response to the Devs response: I went through your entire game in 2 hours. That is with all of the ads. 2 hours\\37 missions = less than 4 minutes per misson with the ads. I stand by my original statement: your game is very weak on content and top heavy on ads.
Rotarrian Lowe 2020-10-26

Clear, crisp graphics; no nonsense, no fuss. Shoot the bad guys. The ads are targeted, so I click on those a lot. I wish the physical placement of the block ads were not over the kill zone. A better place would be on the lower left area of the screen; over the \"zoom\" control.
Husam Bitar 2019-10-10

It was good to try this game but I think the graphics and characters\' movements need to be more realistic and improved.
john marlon scott 2019-06-29

Extremely poor, very easy, very slow, with all respect, I think you have to reevaluate this game, because a genuine gamer wouldn\'t be interested in this at all, however its one of those games which has potential to be very good, id look at it again if I were you , their is room for improvement, going to uninstall now, but I\'d like to install again once improvements have been made.
James Lonergan 2020-11-08

Could be good, but it\'s just too easy. Missions should progressively get more difficult.
Craig Mclintock 2019-07-03

this game is awesome I love how its not to hard and when you.get a shot the bullets point leaves the shuttle and you get an awesome sight when watching the bullet travelling to its destination normally a head shot I recommend this game I\'ve tried others this is by far the best yet
Robert Beckman 2020-11-15

I was not able to open this game after downloading, it would say \"localized text not found\" Maybe it didnt download properly but hopefully you have better luck... The developer states more langueges added and you would think english would be one of the first...
C 2019-09-14

It\'s ok and kills a little time but its probably best to pay to kill the ads or you will get carpal tunnel from clicking to close ads. 5 stars though for not being a pay to play game which is rare nowadays .