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ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

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Description of ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

Zonealarm Mobile Security is the ultimate antivirus security solution for your mobile device. Developed by Cyber Security leader Check Point, it uses enterprise-grade technology to protect your data and privacy and keep your device free from malicious threats, apps, and malware.

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Why ZoneAlarm Mobile Security & Antivirus Protection App?

Mobile attacks are a major threat that affects thousands of people every day. ZoneAlarm Mobile Security protects your mobile device from the newest, most sophisticated kinds of mobile attacks using the most advanced and up-to-date technology by Check Point.

✔Connect to public Wi-Fi at the airport, hotel, or any public place worry-free.

✔“Privacy-first” approach - we make sure you are not being eavesdropped by a third party.

✔Shopping or banking online? Our Zero-Phishing feature makes sure your credentials are not seen or stolen by hackers.

✔Browse the web and download apps without any concerns. All apps and URLs are checked in real-time.

✔Protect your device from malicious apps from USB or Bluetooth connections.

✔Keep blackmailers out of sight with ZoneAlarm’s Anti-Ransomware protection.

✔Get a detailed weekly report to see all the threats from the previous week and how ZoneAlarm helped you keep your device safe.

How do we protect you?

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security & Antivirus protection is built on three lines of defense: App, Network, and Operating System.

First line of defense: App Protection

✔Antivirus Protection – Scans and alerts on malicious apps in real-time using the latest antivirus mobile protection features for your phone or tablet.

✔Anti-Ransomware – Uses behavioral algorithms and artificial intelligence to stop costly ransomware attacks.

✔Zero-Day App Protection – Our machine-learning engine protects you against new and unknown malware both when you are using the app or not.

✔Bluetooth and USB Protection – Cutting-edge feature that protects against malicious apps coming from USB and Bluetooth connections.

Second line of defense: Network

✔Zero-Phishing - Real-time protection from phishing attacks and frauds across all apps: banking, email, messaging, and social.

✔Safe Browsing - Blocks browser access to malicious sites established to steal your information.

✔Wi-Fi Network Security - Detects malicious network behavior and eavesdropping (Man-in-the-Middle attacks).

✔Anti-Bot - Blocks data such as photos, documents, credentials, etc. from being stolen and sent from the device.

Third line of defense: Operating System

✔Device Shield – Uses real-time risk assessments by detecting attacks, vulnerabilities, changes in configurations, as well as advanced rooting.

✔Break alert – Behavioral detection engine alerts you if someone has gained control over your operating system.

Your experience is our priority:

✔ 100% privacy - We don't collect or share your personal information.

✔ No ads – Our app is hassle-free. You won’t see ads, even during your trial.

✔ Low device resources - Minimal effect on battery life.

✔ Interactive user interface – Our app is sleek, fast, and easy-to-use.

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More Information Of ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Check Point Software Technologies, Inc.

User Reviews


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Mike Cass 2016-08-08

Poor marketing - ineffective software. Purports to protect you from Qualcomm quad vulnerabilities. It doesn\'t- it scans your phone and tells you that you have vulnerabilities- which you knew about and which is why you installed this app, in the first place!!! It then \"helpfully\" tells you to contact your phone\'s supplier - which is what you wanted to by-pass, as they don\'t have the patches available yet! An utter waste of time but a good example of dishonest marketing.
Scott Tuatara 2016-08-08

Pointless app Great the app tells you there is a problem but what\'s the point if there is no solution. Manufacturers are not going to just send you an update
A Google user 2016-08-08

Zone alarm mobile - Is it free or a charged app? I downloaded after the news tech scares about Quadroot. Is this a free app or charged and if so how much?
steve s 2016-08-09

Joke This app is a joke. All it told me is that rooting my phone is risky, installing 3rd party apps is risky, and USB debugging is risky. Eff this stuff.
Kurt Justin 2016-08-25

What Ok so an os problem, cant ne fixed. and you purchase the zone..THEN😭there goes your credit card number jacked...
Aaron Gintz 2016-08-10

Is this decent Quadrooter protection? Until Motorola updates my OS I needed something for protection against the Quadrooter vulnerabilities in all Qualcomm chipsets.... If you have a Samsung or even an outdated Blackberry running Android (900 million+ Android phones are vulnerable) then you should at least run a Quadrooter scanner to see if you are vulnerable too- there is one in the playstore for free.... most manufacturers will be rolling out OS updates in the near future, but hackers know that too and will be looking to exploit it.
T B 2016-08-19

A Commercial Hoax. Doing Nothing.
Roland Hill 2020-03-07

I had used zonealarms for years on my desktop and never had any trouble with it. So when i got my smartphone, i used zonealarm from the google play store. Been having trouble getting online and staying online. I finally at last track to to zonealarm,VPN. If i disable thr vpn then i can get online and all is well. In reading the others comments, i see lots of peoples are having the same trouble. Please fix it asap. I would dislike having to stop using zonealarms.
Paul Sefton-Stewart 2017-03-31

This should be free if you have bought the licence for a PC or laptop why should I have to pay twice
Melody Bnah 2020-07-08

I have been a ZoneAlarm customer for many years. I could not ask for a better product. It is so easy to use it takes care of itself, and in over 10 years of use, I have never gotten a virus the product didn\'t catch and neutralize immediately.