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Description of Zwift Companion

The Zwift Companion App is the perfect companion to Zwift. Stay connected when you're on the go. Pair it with your computer over the same Wifi network and use it as a Zwift game controller when you're riding.


At a glance see recent activities in your feed, training plan details, upcoming events and progress on your goals.


Explore upcoming events, see who is going, and sign up.


See what the people you follow have been doing in Zwift. Want to pat someone on the back for a ride they did, give them a Ride On right in the feed.


Create weekly or monthly goals to keep on track.


Want to see where you are in the world while you're Zwifting? Check out the map. Tap on your friend to send a Ride On or start a chat.


When connected to the game the Workout screen lets you see and control your workout.


Chat with people Zwifting around you or have a direct conversation with someone in particular. If you are in an event, you can chat with those in your group.


Don't have a bike computer? We've got you covered. The Dashboard provides all the key metrics you expect right at your fingertips - watts, speed, distance, elevation, time, cadence and heart rate.


Mix it up with fellow Zwifters. Give an elbow flick when you want someone to pull through or wave to say "hi". Send real time encouragement or egg someone on with audio clips. Choose to see the action from four different POV and capture it with a snapshot. Actions are fun.


Scroll up or down to see everyone on course in front or behind you. See how much time separates you, check their power output (w/kg) and how many laps they've completed. Private message anyone.


End your ride and automatically upload it to one of your supported fitness sites right from your phone.

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More Information Of Zwift Companion

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.32.2 Publish Date:2022-02-22 Developer:Zwift, Inc.

User Reviews


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Brian Werner 2020-11-01

Used to have zero issues with this app while using it to bluetooth all my sensors, but since the last update, it\'s complete garbage. Won\'t find the sensors. If it does it crashes 1 minute into the ride and won\'t reconnect. Try fixing your fundamentals before adding new bikes and gimmicky costumes next time eh Zwift?
Scott Wilcox 2020-12-25

The Zwift companion app is an absolute must when using Zwift. More or less it\'s your control panel and remote control for the application. I use a PC to run the game and an Android phone to run the companion app. It\'s a must have.
Steve Greenwood 2020-09-29

The companion app is good when setting up a Meetup or finding an event. Great for messaging during a ride. But where it could be improved dramatically is providing users to access their garage and rider without having to start and quit and restart the Zwift application itself. Being able to select their next route would be handy.
Tom M 2020-12-25

First issue is that when in the companion app whilst on zwift, my heart rate is displayed over 2 lines. I.e. if my heart rate is 135, then I have 13then the heart symbol on one line then 5 under the 3. I have a screen shot to show. This is very annoying...... 2nd is the lack of a function to select a ride from the zwift companion app. Need to be able to start a new ride within the app. Ride end at the moment to then start another. Pretty poor for 13 £PM :( Zwift, listen to your customers!!!
Alexander Jarvo 2021-02-08

Pretty decent app. I wish I could go full screen since swiping left or right changes view anyways. I\'m a big map guy and not being able to maximize it is a bit frustrating. Also being able to hide my ride metrics since they are already displayed on my regular zwift app. Full screen map and ability to hide metrics please!!!
Tim White 2020-10-02

Pretty good on the whole. Would help if it was easier to give ride-ons during a ride and to easily return ride-ons via this app too. Would love Zwift Companion to give the ability to visit the garage and change bike, kit, etc in preparation for next ride. Basically, it\'d be much better if one could access all elements of the Zwift account via. this app, with more integration into the game.
Eric Wooden 2020-11-04

Not as good as in the past. Slow log in, draft disparity with respect to smaller groups and with respect to the effort effort of those in the front and the rear of the group. Draft does not exist when falling back in field while the group surges. W/kg disparity gives advantage to lighter riders up and downhill.
David Tomkins 2020-10-23

The app starts off alright but then I find that it disconnects from your in game experience. Would also be better if you had a specific place to see your friend list, Change you bikes and wheels without entering the game and also a DIY route builder with out having to steer at every turn.
Mick Napier 2020-11-04

Same problem as others since the update, drops Bluetooth device connections relentlessly, lucky to get 30 seconds riding before it drops. Also completely crashes half of the time when it drops. Was flawless before the update on pixel xl and Galaxy S9, now unusable on both. Tried uninstall and reinstall, still useless.
Tristan Johnson 2021-01-11

No issues with functionality, just wish Zwift would allow access to full account area, garage, game settings, etc through the companion app. It\'s frustrating to have to start a ride just to manage settings or change bikes for my next ride or event.